Monday, March 13, 2017

There Goes Mose. So Long Sid!


Just two days after our little Fishkin Twins arrived I got an email from Tiffany, who was just beginning a search for a pair of kittens or young cats to add to their family of three.

In her note, she introduced her family and told me a little bit about their life together.  She shared that over the past few years, they had said goodbye to several beloved senior pets. These losses were difficult for the Tiffany and her partner, Bill, but especially hard for ten-year-old Vivian.  Tiffany thought this would be a good time to introduce some kittens into their lives so Vivan could experience what it's like to have a pet for many, many years.

She went on to describe the kind of cats they were hoping to find --- a cuddly, playful and bonded pair who might easily connect with all of the humans in their home.

I was sitting with a cuddly, playful, and bonded pair of kittens in my lap when this message from Tiffany arrived, and after I had finished reading it, I said to the boys, "I think I've found your people."

I emailed her back, sent a couple of photos of the Fishkins, and told her a little bit about their personalities. She shared these pictures with Bill and Vivian, and they all were very excited to meet the kittens. Once the URIs started improving, and when quarantine was nearly up, we had them all over for a visit.

We entered the kitten room together, which startled Sidney and sent him scrambling. Mose wasn't rattled at all and quickly introduced himself to the family.  He's always been the most outgoing of the pair.

Vivan had brought along a fishing pole cat toy, which she used to lure Sidney out from the shadows.  Soon, she had a lapful of Fishkins.  I was impressed with her kitten-wrangling techniques. Also, the fact that she understood that it's always best to let the kittens come to you -- that's not always an easy concept for kids to comprehend.

We had a great visit, the kittens delighted and enchanted our guests, and that family of three grew to five that morning.

I wish I could have sent the kittens home with Tiffany, Bill, and Vivian that day, but the Fishkins still had to get over their URIs, get bigger, and get snipped.  And their new family had to prepare for the arrival of the kittens! They had to shop for supplies, do some kitten-proofing in their home, and study all of the Fishkin photos so they could learn the boys' subtle differences and be able to tell who is who!

Finally, adoption day came, and when they arrived to pick up their babies, the little loves were curled up on the couch, next to each other with necks crossed, tails tucked under, forming the perfect little heart.  Tiffany pointed the out heart immediately, and we let out a collective "Awwwwww."

Vivian and Bill joined the kittens on the couch while Tiffany filled out the adoption paperwork at the table. Once the transaction was complete, we visited, and I enjoyed our last few moments with these precious little Fishkins.



There was a lot of  "Ok, now that's Sidney, no, wait, that's Mose" that morning.  I did my best to point out their differences, but as they've grown, they've changed. Features that have helped identify them have faded, the size gap has narrowed, so it got harder to tell them apart!  I found it's easier to identify them by their personalities, and I'm guessing their new family will find it the same way.  

We talked about feeding schedules, litter boxes, toy preferences, Moses' fascination with the fridge and Sid's bad habit of nursing on his brother. After all kitten questions had been answered, we said our goodbyes, and off they went.

In the photos below, you can see the gentleness of this family in their hands. I am thrilled to no end that these are the hands that will be raising Sid and Mose.

Thank you, Tiffany, Bill, and Vivian for adopting our kittens. We wish you many, many happy years together!





I still have a lot of Fishkin photos to share, so tune in tomorrow for lots of cuteness.

Also, MS Butterbean will be turning  ELEVEN  on Wednesday, so clear your schedule for lots of birthday fun!


  1. Oh, I love kitty stories with happy endings.

  2. Awwww, what a sweet story! I'm thrilled that these two got adopted together and by such a sweet family. Thank you for the update.

  3. Fantastic adoption story, and sweet, sweet pictures!! So happy for all concerned!

  4. What a great story! Here's to many happy years together for the family of five.

    I wonder if Vivian will become a professional kitten wrangler some day, given her early aptitude.

  5. What a cute story! I wish them the best! I love it when they find their family quickly.

  6. Yay for Fishkins' new home! Looks like everyone will be very, very happy!

  7. These two boys are so sweet—and kind of funny, with their skinny tails and whatniót; the occasional bottlebrush tails (again!), while being a pair of the loveliest brothers, all black little boys! I can't even express how happy I am that they went together!

  8. Vivian brought a toy to the first meeting and Bill looks totally unfazed being used as a kitten jungle gym. These hoomans will be great servants for Mose and Syd. You chose excellent staff for the boys, Laurie. ;D I can't believe Bean's going to be the grand age of eleven on Wednesday. It seems like last year she turned eight.

  9. Dear Fishkin Family:
    If you take the boys on vacation, you MUST share pictures!!!! :-D Love, darin

  10. Aww, a sweet story and a wonderful fit for the boys!



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