Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Thanks for a Great Day!

Well, no sunbeams for Bean, but otherwise a pretty wonderful day. She got lots love, treats, and playtime, plus many sweet messages from all of you! Thank you for making her day a special one.

Because of you, her birthday went to "eleven".  



  1. So glad your day was an 11, Charlene!

  2. Let's see here - kitten crunchies I didn't have to sneak? SCORE! New tabbies to teach? SCORE! Love and well wishes for my birthday? SCORE! Well done, Charlene, well done. The Maine Coons had catnip in your honor.

  3. Happy Birthday dear Bean. You rock. You, Wylla, your owners, and all the kittens you all care for are good for the soul. Thanks for all that you do dear Bean. :)



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