Thursday, February 23, 2017

Sleeps with the Fishkins


We fell asleep watching a movie in bed with the Fishkin Twins curled up in the small gap between our pillows.  They were happy and quiet and during the first two hours of the night and the only sounds we heard from them were purrs, tiny snores, or whistling noses.

Around 2 AM, they both stirred, got up and had a little snack, then returned to bed -- not to sleep, but to burrow, pounce, and chase. They ran over our pillows, jumped off the bed, jumped on the bed, bit toes, and used us as launch or landing pads. I pulled the blankets over my head to avoid scratches and poked eyes and waited for them to wear themselves out.

Finally, they slowed things down to a dull wrestling match. There were a few tired, cranky cries, then both gave in, the game ended, and they each found a spot to curl up in again.  Mose reclaimed the space between the pillows and Sidney found a good sleeping nook between my arm and side.

I turned my head to Mose and asked: "Are you all done now?"
He answered my question by booping my nose with his paw.

The furnace in the cabin is as loud as a jet engine, and when it kicked on in the middle of the night, it woke everyone and sent the kittens scrambling. They found safety under the bed, and once the furnace stopped blowing, they came out and brought a jingly toy mouse with them.  They hopped back up on the bed and wrestled at my feet until with the toy until I grabbed it, stashed it under my pillow, and muffled the mouse.

Around 4:00 AM, someone got up and dropped a stinky bomb in the litter box and forgot to bury it.  In this small cabin, the smell could not be ignored, so I got up, grabbed the scoop, and took care of their unfinished business.

Later, there was a soccer match with a mylar ball.

Also, a game involving the zipper pulls on our luggage and maybe shoelaces.

When someone began nibbling on my pajama buttons around 6:00, I gave up the hope of getting any more sleep and got up and gave them their breakfast.  They gobbled it up, washed their faces and paws, then climbed back into bed and had a good morning nap.

We did things a little differently last night.  I set up their wire kennel, put their food, water, litter box,  bed and quieter toys inside, threw a sheet over the top, and that's where they slept.

I think they were quiet and good, but I don't know for sure; we were so exhausted from the lousy sleep we got the night before, we didn't wake once!


  1. Remarkable account of a loooong night. Nothing wrong with your memory! I'm glad you and Craig finally got a good night's sleep.


  2. When my husband and I move into a house we are going to foster kittens. I hope to do as well a job as you. You guys are an inspiration!

  3. Sorry for your sleepiness, but what a fun story to read! Kittens being kittens, is there anything sweeter?

  4. I was guessing they might have interrupted your sleep, but I didn't think it would be THAT bad! Glad you got some rest last night.

    Idle kitten paws are dangerous...

  5. I had such a visual of all of that. I sort of miss that obsession with toes under the covers. Thank you for letting me participate!

  6. *snrrrrt* Sounds about right. Kittens don't make for a quiet night, and neither do active adult cats. I awoke somewhere between 5 and 6 AM to *crunchcrunchcrunchcrunch* *MEOWMOWMOWMOW* *thumpthumpthumpthump* back and forth across upstairs and downstairs. One of my two young cats was cowering under the bed and the other was nowhere to be found. So I got up, finally my partner scruffed her and dragged her out to discover that she had a paper shopping bag handle (with part of the torn bag) around her waist. Cut her free, no harm done, and went to feed breakfast. Still no other young cat. Finally I find him, tail down and about five miles across (imagine a floofybritches cat in full Stranger Danger mode), won't come anywhere near the other one, and the other half of the torn bag lay in the middle of the floor. Took me a while, some breakfast, and many scritches to calm him down. I can only conclude that there was a BagMonster™ in the house last night and I slept through most of it.

    1. Poor things! But I must confess I laughed a little bit. One of my girls got a plastic bag handle around her neck and fled through the house with the bag chasing her. I finally found her squashed into a small corner and so frightened she had peed herself. No harm done but she still hates plastic bags!

    2. This happened to one of ours with a paper bag with handles. Poor frightened girl -- she stayed between the side of the fridge and the wall for at least two hours. I had to use kitchen tongs to lift the bag off her. After that we started snipping the handles of all paper bags. (We already were stashing the plastic bags away from the cats because one of them wants to eat them.)

    3. Robin -- I should have done that but didn't think about it and paid the price. Someone pooped on the floor, and I really think it was in sheer fright. Poor things (but it's so hard not to laugh). No harm done.

      Teughcats -- yeah, I have had that happen to a cat too, although it was many years ago. Plastic bags get stashed out of reach of kitties now. I should have snipped the handles off the paper bag too -- lesson learned.

  7. "He answered my question by booping my nose with his paw."

    Aww.. :)

  8. haha, love the title. Sounds like quite a night!

  9. Oh, for the boundless energy of a kitten.

  10. Fabulous story! Your descriptions are great!

  11. Aww mom It's a vacation. You are supposed to have too much fun and too little sleep!

  12. Your tale reminded me of the first, by now classic, "Simon's Cat" video. Though mischief IS way cuter when done by kittens, isn't it?

  13. This brings back memories of when my two were kittens! Oh, boy, the nights were rough for a while.

  14. What an adventure they had! Thanks for sharing it! They sound well socialized and ready to meet their furever family.



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