Thursday, January 5, 2017

Thanks for the Love!


Gosh, what a day it was! Thank you all who joined in on the celebration of our dear Wylla. We got floods of comments, emails, texts, and even a few birthday cards in the mail. You made her day a special one, and we appreciate that so much!

I told her about how much she is loved, and though I don't think grasped how many of you there are out there, I think she did feel pretty special yesterday.

I know it's of silly to carry on so much about a cat, but every birthday of hers is so meaningful to me. In those early days, we just didn't know what the future held for Wylla. Having such a glowing, happy, healthy girl today just makes me want to celebrate each passing year.

Thank you for indulging me! And thank you for loving her!







  1. It is so nice to have a happy ending to a rough start on one of your kittens.

  2. How could we not love her? What's not to love? Thank you for keeping her happy and healthy and sharing her with us!

  3. She is worth all the celebrating!

    1. My thoughts exactly! Wylla is a special kitty who has brightened many lives. It was an honor to share in her birthday celebration.

  4. She is a very, very special kitty. Give her a teensy kitty hug from me!

  5. Laurie, its so gratifying to see Wylla looking so great...I remember when she was just a little one with health problems and now she is a big, beautiful healthy cat, thanks to YOU and the loving care you gave her. Hug her for me ! Tara

  6. This was absolutely fantastic, every single word and picture of it. Was knocked offline by computer problems on the actual day(+), but am delightedly caught up now - happy birthday, Wylla!!! And thank you, Laurie, for sharing this celebration with us!



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