Monday, January 23, 2017

Fresh Air for a Bored Kitty


Bean was upstairs napping and missed out on the outing, but Wylla and I slipped outside onto the deck and spent a little time in the sunshine yesterday. It was just what that restless kitty needed.

We were both entertained by some chubby robins that were looking for lunch in our holly tree.  Wylla paced on the deck railing and chirped as they fluttered about.

"COME CLOSER, PLEASE!" she said.

It looks lovely out there again today, so as soon as I wrap up Blog and work stuff,  we will all head out and say good morning to the robins.  I can hear some crows fussing, so maybe they can join us too.  








  1. Those are some cute pictures.

    On a somber note, I had to put my cat, Lena, down today. Her kidneys failed. I tried to give her a good weekend with lots of holding time. She went quickly and peacefully. She knew she was ready.

    1. I can't even with that... As a cat sitter—who has had the chance to talk to several veterinarians—kidney problems is the #1 thing cats die from, before it's time for them to go. (I also give some of "my" cats kidney medication, never mind 'veterinarian approved' special kidney wet food. I don't know why this would be, this oversized kidney issue with cats. (I'm sorry Jason, this is prob not what you want to be thinking about. And, I *do* sympathize with you soo much over your loss. The love of my life, my dear Oona, died from kidney issues as well, and to this day, some 8 years later, I'll tear up if I think about her; I mourn her.) I just wonder though if we (manufacturers AND veterinarians are doing sth wrong/missing sth as far as what we're feeding our cats. WHY all this kidney disease?!! (OK, I'll breathe now. But seriously... Why is kidney disease the #1 killer of cats? When it's not in other animals (dogs, humans... i.e. other omnivores)?

      I'm glad Lena had a last calm and peaceful time. It's something I rue, that my love Oona was put to sleep on a steel veterinarian table; and while with me there, stroking here, I had to swat away the over-eager vet tech that should have had *NO* part of her last moments. (She hated everyone at the vet hospital.) 8 years later I still have her ashes in a box in my closet, untouched. I don't know what/where to do with it. Except I know I need to keep some of it in a beautiful urn/box of sorts (unlike 99% of pet urns on the market). And I'm going to put some of her ashes in a vintage gold locket when I find one that is worthy of her. Yes, I will gladly and proudly be that person who many (squares) will find a little creepy... Hehe.

    2. Eva, I'm sorry your experience with Oona was so rough. My vet was much better about it. He allowed me the private time to say goodbye, took pictures of me holder her with my tablet, and was very respectful. The office seems to have a special room for it with a nice soft cat bed and is the only examination room with a window.

  2. Must be a new post on the Kitten Webs because Miss Sprite is jonesing to get on the back porch. I keep telling her it is January in New England!

  3. Perfect entertainment for a bored kitty! I hope you two are able to enjoy lots of time out on the deck.

  4. WOW! That new camera (and you) take even more wonderful pictures than before!!!!

  5. If you've got fat robins, that must mean spring is not far behind. And I have no doubt, Wylla wanted them to come a little closer, teehee.

    1. How can you tell if a robin is "fat"? Haha! When they're all feathers; how do you know what's under there? :)

  6. How did I never notice that Wylla has dark tiger stripes on her left cheek, and orange tiger stripes on the right?!? Exceptionally fabulous & daring!



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