Monday, January 9, 2017

A Quick Weekend Away!

We just returned this morning from a quick and spontaneous trip to Arizona to see family.  With no commitments and no kittens, we thought we would take advantage of a quiet weekend. How nice it was to slip away for a couple of days and get some heat and sunshine.

Though the girls were left in the capable hands of our friend Sarah, we returned to a grumpy Bean.


I'm sure they were fine, but I know it's been cold, so I'm guessing she is just a little perturbed that she didn't have her human space heaters around to snuggle up with this weekend.

Wylla is just chirping up a storm --  I don't know if she's telling us about this past weekend's events or scolding us for leaving them behind.  Either way, I'm enjoying her sweet voice.

Though it was a short jaunt, it still is good to be back with the cats!  Not so great being back in our winter weather, though -- it just feels extra-cold here this year.

I wish I could have brought some of that Arizona sun and warmth home as a souvenir!


  1. Welcome home! I think I speak for the kitties and IBKC community when I say we are so happy you're back.

  2. She looks beautiful even when she's grumpy. We would welcome some Arizona warmth here in northern Virginia, where it was 11 degrees this morning. The good thing is that LG is in serious snuggle mode. Sometimes he starts the night at the foot of the bed, but I always wake up to him snuggled up tight. :-)

  3. Can't blame the Bean for being mad. I went to Vermont (-1degree) and cuddled another cat,Oliver. The glares I got back in CT from the 2 Maine Coons could melt an iceberg. Granted the did have my sister to cuddle up with....

  4. I respect that, when they show that they're mad. Such a pretty girl... You could drown in the sparkly pools of those eyes.

  5. It was below 30f this weekend even here on the gulf coast. I wish I had two little loves like your cats to snuggle up to on the couch.



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