Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Here Comes Santa Claus (Again)

I know we've seen this one before, but I have to pull it out of the archives, dust it off, and share it each holiday because it was such a special and memorable day for us here at IBKC HQ!

Also, it was Wylla's very first Christmas! Look at that little thing! She was 11 months old here and weighed just 4.5 pounds!  

This post makes me happy and I hope it has the safe effect on you!

CHARLENE!  Did you hear that?  Was that the sound of sleigh bells?  


Could it be...?  Could it REALLY be Santa????   


We just happen to know Santa Claus, and even though he's quite busy this time of year,  he managed to make room in his schedule to visit our good little cats.  So, on Friday afternoon, he came by to say hello and hear their Christmas wishes.

Santa is very wise and knew that a tall man with a big red suit and a giant beard might be a little bit scary for a tiny cat, so he just sat down and invited Wylla to play.


After some time, he scooped her up and held her.


Wylla was a wee bit timid and unsure at first.


But after Santa gave Wylla a treat,  she relaxed a little bit.



Much to my surprise, Charlene took to Santa right away.   Normally she's a little uneasy around strangers,  but she seemed comfortable in his arms.



Because she was so good, Bean got a treat, too!


Santa is a huge lover of cats, has many of his own, and understands them well.   He knew just how to win Wylla's trust.


So, he got down on the floor with more treats and toys, and they spent some quality time together.

DSC_0941 DSC_0939

The girls had a great time, but I think I may have had even more fun watching Santa roll around my living room floor, playing with my cats and a catnip candy cane.

It was delightful.

And after the play session was over, back to the chair they went to finish up the photo session.






And we got a few good ones for the family photo album.

Thank you for visiting us, Santa Claus!  Thank you for these sweet Christmas memories - we will cherish them a lifetime!  And thank you to Mrs. Claus for the awesome bag of treats for humans and cats!

You're a special pair, and we appreciate you greatly!   Thank you for making our Christmas so merry!

PS Because I know someone's going to ask if that's THE Kitten Whisperer in a Santa suit,  I 'll tell you now that it's not.  Yes, Santa has some awesome kitten-whispering skills, just like my dad does, but that's not my dad.  My folks don't arrive until later this week.


  1. Will Santa come again this year? Charlene and Wylla have been very good.

  2. Once again this post makes me smile. Especially the next to last photo of Beanie gazing upwards to Santa. Thanks!

  3. I could see this post over and over again.

  4. This just makes me giggle like a little kid! Your sweet baby girls give me a perma-smile! ♥♥♥



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