Thursday, December 1, 2016

Fuzzy Pants and Toehawks

Vic and Ian, mom and pop to Agnes Pettibone and Myron/Myra (now Dixie) Clover, came by and visited me at a craft sale a couple of weekends ago.  Like any proud mama does, Vic pulled out her phone and shared some photos of the girls. They're doing great and looking good!  

 I asked her if she could send me some of these recent Dixie pics because I wanted you all to see her remarkable coat.  

It was so interesting when she was a tiny kitten (remember these photos?) and it's really turned out to be something unusual and fabulous! 

Her fuzzy pants and toehawks are incredible! 

Thank for sharing these pics with us, Vic!  Please give Agnes and Dixie some love from all of us!  


  1. Dixie Darling - what yummy toe hawks you have! My Maine Coons say "let the belly floof pop and the butt skirt billow". Lovely to see you and Agnes again.

  2. In the top photo she looks ready to do the hula! Amazing and wonderful coat.

  3. And she has lovely ruffly sleeves! What a pretty girl.

  4. My youngest has toehawks! I call them 'little monster paws' and keep them trimmed so she doesn't track kitty litter everywhere.

  5. Oooh, what beautiful pictures of a gorgeous graduate. I didn't know that toe floof had such a cool name. We have two kitters with this floof and are always amazed by it.

  6. I can't believe how beautiful her coat is! Her toe hawks kill me, and her fluffy belly looks like it needs to be nuzzled. <3
    I keep re-looking at her pictures. She is stunning!

  7. Dixie, darling, selectively bleaching the tips of your fur like that is, like, *such* an obvious teenage rebellion thing. You look like all the other unique people wandering around out there asserting their individuality. ;D Seriously, it does look like she bleached out the tips of her fur in the first pic. Dixie is sporting some truly unique floof. What toehawks! What a belleh on this lovely lady!

  8. For endless entertainment: Break out the laser pointer for a cat with toehawks on a hardwood floor.



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