Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Almost Time to Go, Poe! (Say It Ain't So)


Well, we're about to wrap up the Poe and Marigold chapter. They had surgery yesterday, came through just great,  tiny kitten suitcases have been packed, and in less than 48 hours, they will be gone.

It's time for them to go. They're big. They're really big, actually.  The Thanksgiving holiday through things off,  so though they made weight a couple of weeks back, we had to wait a bit to find them a slot on the surgery schedule.  That's fine. It gave us some extra days with these cuties.

I used to cry when kittens left, but these days, it's a pretty rare thing -- we're just used to goodbyes around here.

But this guy, oh, he got to me.  This is going to be one of the harder goodbyes.  I know I'm not alone, either.  I can tell you're feeling it, too.

Oh, Poe. Do you guys really have to go?









  1. oh, me too! I think he's a dear! Best wishes on your new home Poe! (I guess that means they aren't going together)


    1. No, it doesn't mean that. I'm just saying I'm going to really miss this guy in particular.

  2. Poe, Poe, Poe - You know that we all will miss you and Marigold something fierce, right? That Beanie will mope and Wylla will cope but Mom will hope you have a grand life. She doesn't always let us know who tickles her heart strings but your Paws of Large size and crossed-eyed looks have done her and us in. Thank you.

  3. The shadows in the first few pics make him look extra-cross-eyed. And can we talk about the little white hairs on his "arm"? (maybe we better not) His new family is so lucky!

  4. I so hope that both Poe and Marigold's new parents will allow us a peek into their lives. I'm pretty smitten with this duo as well and it's been clear, Laurie, that everyone in your home is as well. They were a very special pair indeed.

  5. Poe looks like a mountain lion in the last photo on the pillow, so fierce!

  6. I've so enjoyed these two! especially the basket videos. Bye bye you sweet mitten-pawed sweeeties!

  7. A fellow in our town 87 had to go to an assisted living place, he had no one to take his two dogs he got when they were tiny baby dolls..The newspaper did a cover story, only 2 people came forward, but success a retired doctor named Patty got them both and will take them to the place he now is residing and visit him..What a neat way to honor pets you have had for many years..I love your blog and your determination to save the itty bitty kitty cats..I tell everyone about your blog and to read your stories I too will miss Poe, say it ain't so, but I know he will go to a loving forever home and that what you do for the itty bitty kitties is outstanding, happy holidays and merriest of new years, luvXX()XX()()()XXXX

  8. Rosemary in New YorkDecember 6, 2016 at 3:36 PM

    You always fall for the ones that are a wee bit ridiculous. Baby Bean, Kitten Wylla. And now Poe. You must see their present and future splendor all in one loving glance.

  9. He's a very special little guy, and he's going to make his furever hoomans very happy.

  10. Poe (and Marigold) remind me so much of my Shadow (and Tigger) as kittens I'm probably gonna cry too. Love these cuties (and my big but still cuties) to bits.

  11. I'll bet that people have been lining up for the two treasures..If I lived closer, I would be putting my name on the list. You certainly give them a good start !

  12. We will definitely want "where are they now" updates for these two when they are grown!



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