Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Wylla, Kittens, and Gifts

Our time is divided by the number of kittens we're hosting, so the few kittens we have, the more one-on-one attention they receive from us humans and Bean and Wylla, too.  And the more time we spend with them, the better we know them, and the closer we all get.

So with just two in this round, we're all getting pretty attached to this batch.  I can feel you all are too.  I know you love all of our babies, but it seems these two might be nestled a little deeper in your hearts. 

As you might have noticed, they're getting big. Both Marigold and Poe have rolled past the two pound mark and they're on the surgery schedule next week. This means, of course, they'll be leaving us soon.  

Out of all of us, I think Wylla is going to miss Poe and Marigold the most. She's part buddy and part mama to these two, and watching their relationship develop has brought me a great amount of joy.   

Please take a look at this video of the three of them sharing some time together.  It's not an action-packed cat video -- just a quiet moment of them together. Wylla's grooming herself, the kittens watch and take it all in, there's a little love, a raising of the paw, and a couple of goodbye kisses before Wylla jumps off of the couch.  The way they watch her just melts my heart. They love their Wylla.
I've said this a squillion times before, but I do love the part our girls play in the lives of our foster kittens. They teach them things we could never teach them.  They have a purpose beyond the role of an average house cat and I know their lives are enriched by the babies.  I feel so lucky that this all works -- I know it's not always this harmonious in every foster home.  

Though they're leaving soon, thanks to Wylla and Bean, our darling Starlings are ready. The've learned all of their lessons. They're happy, loving, social cats who are ready to move on and start bringing some joy to their new family.  
We'll be savoring our last days with them.  


One of our dear community members, who would like to remain anonymous, was feeling very generous this morning and sent me an email with an idea -- she wanted to purchase five sets of our IBKC Christmas cards and gift them to five people who perhaps would enjoy a set but didn't have a budget that would allow them to purchase one.  Or maybe just give them to folks who might just enjoy a freebie!  

So, there are five sets available to the first five people who EMAIL HERE and request one.   If you're one of the first five, we'll ask you for your mailing address and ship them off today.  

UPDATE: All five sets of cards have now been claimed!! Thank you!

Thank you to our anonymous donor who's about to brighten five days!


  1. What a wonderful way to start the holiday season with the cards. I'm good, I am able to order my own set. As for the Starlings, sometimes having a small litter gives us time to really get to know the kittens. Large litters are also fun but sometimes one can lose track of which name belongs to which flying kitten.
    Mostly I love how Wylla has stepped into Beanie's role of Teacher of Good Kitten Manners.

  2. How sweet! Did I read that right? "their new family" as in "they're going together"? Hooray!

  3. I'm not requesting those cards, but that is SUCH an incredibly kind and thoughtful thing to do. Thank you to the generous and anonymous gifter! Also, yes, very fond of these Starlings and loving their interactions with the Misses Bean and Wylla.

  4. Lisa (mom of Chai, Sophie, and Acacia)November 29, 2016 at 11:18 AM

    I was just thinking about that yesterday, how much Wylla will miss these two and vice versa. The looks of adoration and sheer joy on the kittens' faces when they're with her is so precious. We've been fortunate to witness it ourselves with our youngest cat and her beloved big brother. They melt my heart daily.
    I love Marigold's smart kitten move - quickly claim the warm spot when the big cat leaves! heehee

    1. I noticed that move by Marigold too and her subsequent grooming, because that's the spot where cats give themselves a bath. Wylla said so.

  5. Marigold was looking for Wylla's thumbs! Where'd they go?

  6. These guys are so super cute! I can't wait to see their updates when they get older. Wylla and the Bean make an amazing kitty tutor team!

    Your Anon donor made this week amazing. <3

  7. What a soothing, heartwarming video. And yet more proof that Wylla is a blessed soul -- and graced with the best toes in the West to boot!

  8. This is a lovely post and video. I indeed have gotten especially attached to these two, and hope they will be being adopted together. I'm glad Wylla and Bean have each other to keep company when the kittens go--I get emotional thinking about it! Thank you for the great care you take of all of them.

  9. I love the videos and pictures you share of Bean and Wylla and the fosters. Your long-haired ladies more than earn their keep, schooling the fosters in the mysterious mysteries of how to cat.

  10. and now bring on the tears!

  11. I think it's wonderful the way that the universe brought you Wylla and helped you heal her at just the right time. Bean was getting ready to step away from her role and was able to train Wylla to take over.



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