Friday, November 11, 2016

Big Cats + Little Cats

When Bean sauntered into the living room after breakfast and plopped down on the rug,  the Starlings were under the couch. They tiptoed out, and in the first video, you'll see Bean perk up when she realizes she's not alone. Listen carefully for her little hello chirp as she stands up to go greet Poe.  My phone battery died JUST as they bumped noses, but you didn't miss much -- a second later Poe dashed under the couch for safety.

The kittens are enjoying their freedom, but are still trying to figure out these big cats.  I'm sure in time they'll come around, but for now,  I think Wylla's feelings are getting a little bruised every time she's not included in their kitten games.   Those "They won't play with me, Mom" looks just kill me!  

Don't worry, Wylla, this is only temporary.


  1. Poor Wylla; she still considers herself a "Kitten" because she is the 'Baby' to 'Mother Bean'. It is so hard to be a Big Sister when you still get treated as the adored 'Baby". Tell her that Humans go through those same feelings, maybe she will understand then!

  2. The look on Bean's face when she realizes there are kittens about is priceless!

    1. The way she springs to life! She's on it *immediately*

  3. Poor Wylla! I'm sure the Starlings will let you join the fun once they realize you're just a scaled up kitten yourself.

  4. It can be so hard to be the Big Sister sometimes. Hang in there, Wylla, the Starlings will be playing with you soon enough.Just keep Beanie from the kitten crunchies!

  5. Just what I needed. Beyond precious.

  6. Man, I wish I had a smidge of their energy!

  7. The numbers work out so well this time. Both Charlene and Wylla will get their fair share of kitten.



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