Friday, September 9, 2016



I got home late last night after a jam-packed 11 days in Iowa. Normally it's Wylla who's first to meet us at the door when we come home, but Bean beat her to it, so I got to squeeze her first. Bean hugs are the best.

Wylla waited at my feet for her turn, and when I picked her up, she gave me her high-pitched squeaky purrs which are reserved for the happiest moments, like reunions.  

It's nice to feel missed and loved.

I took a quick shower, climbed into bed, and listened to the cats play.  They were wound-up and were chasing each other all over the house and up and down the steps. I could hear them scrambling as they turned tight corners on the wood floors downstairs.   There were lots of thuds and thumps.  There were stops for snacks and drinks.  They would take an occasional break to catch their breath, but would  thwack their tails on the carpet telling each other that this game was not over yet.  I was fast asleep before they exhausted themselves and settled down.

I woke up in the middle of the night to a purring cat on my pillow and when I reached out and pet it, I remember trying to decide if it was Nigel or Mimsey.  Nope, I was home and that was Bean.

We're having a good morning together. Craig, the world's best barista, made us some delicious coffee and heated up a little rhubarb pie for breakfast. The girls are sunning themselves, or shadowing me.

It's so good to be home.


I'm moving kind of slow today, that's why this post is so late, but I'll be giving the shelter a holler later to let them know I'm back and ready to receive a few tiny guests. I don't think I'll get kittens today, I've got some catching up and unpacking to do, but tomorrow or Monday.

All of the new cards were supposed to be here when I got home, but there was a delay on the Dinichi set!  The reprints of the kitty magazine cards will be available today, but The Dinichis won't be up until later next week.  Kind of a bummer, I was excited to see them and share them with you, but it's all out of my control, so it will just have to wait!

UPDATE: Kitty Magazine cards are now available HERE.







  1. It's always nice to come home to the kitties in residence :) it's my favorite part of coming home, even if I was just gone for the day at work!

  2. When did Wee Wylla get so big and floofy?

    Welcome home!

    1. The weather turned to fall while I was away and I noticed when I returned that she has started putting on her winter coat -- she does seem extra-floofy.

  3. Home is where your cats are!

    I've just moved into my new home (first-time owner!) and I'm currently kitty-less, so I can't wait to bring home a pair. Too bad I'm not local to IBKC.

  4. Wylla looks very floofy in that pic! Glad you had a good trip (really enjoyed the Nigel & Mimsey updates!) - Can hardly wait for new kittens! <3

  5. Doesn't it make all the travel issues worthwhile to be greeted by such a floofy committee? Glad to know the girls let you know how much they missed Mom. My 2 don't just galump about, there is often a bit of naughty behavior to scold me. And Miss Wylla is looking mighty fine.

  6. Sounds like the girls gave you quite a 'Welcome Home Mom' party! I bet that was a joyful noise to fall asleep to.

    Welcome home, Laurie.

  7. Aw, kitty welcome homes are the best. After giving us a good talking to, LG generally has a little snack, uses the facilities, and zooms around the house like a crazy kitty. We actually got home from a trip last night, and today LG is doing part two of the welcome, aka Velcro kitty. :-)



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