Monday, August 22, 2016



Well, folks. I hope you're sitting down -- have I got some news for you!  Don't worry, it's not bad news, it's just kind of shocking.

SO, the kittens all went in for surgery.  Everyone did great,  came through with flying colors, and were fully awake and snacking when I came to pick them up at the shelter.

Sarah, foster program coordinator, had a funny look on her face when I arrived  and explained that though I dropped off two boys and two girls, I would be leaving with three girls and one boy.


Yep. Upon intake, when they checked the sex of Nicholas, they thought he was boy, but boy did they get that wrong! He, indeed, is a she!

It happens every now and again -- especially when the tots are so tiny. You may recall it happened to us once before with Myron/Myra and Ramona/Ramon Clover!  And when I shared their story, you all shared many similar stories in the comment section

As soon as I got home I contacted  his adopter, who thankfully did not care one bit, and actually a  good laugh over the whole debacle.  She would be just as happy with a "her"  and she would be with a "him".

Next, I sent a message to Marianne, who was the high-bidder in the naming rights auction, and the person responsible for giving him the name "Nicholas Cassidy".   Since she named him, she should decide what to rename him her.

Here's what Marianne had to say:

Wow, Laurie! Cassie always got her way with me and the other kitties, but who knew she could change a boy kitty into a girl from beyond the grave. I guess she wasn't satisfied with just being remembered as a middle name.

This is definitely a sign that Nicholas Cassidy should be called Cassie Nicole Dinichi. Best of luck to her new family since any cat named after Cassie will carry at least some of her curiosity and strong-will, but also her sweetness

So, there you have it!  Nicholas Cassidy is now Cassie Nicole! And curious, strong-willed and sweet is exactly what she is, so it couldn't be more fitting!

I'm so grateful all involved parties were understanding and found humor in the situation!  Thank you so much for just rolling with it!  


Just in case you missed the post Friday, it went up kind of late in the afternoon, I wanted to share again that there are some new kitty cards in the shop!  Visit the shop to get a closer look and learn a little bit more about them,  or just scroll down and look at the previous post! Thank you!



  1. Love this! Cassie Nicole! What a sweetie!

  2. She can be Nikki. AS in:

    "Oh Nikki!
    You're so fine
    You're so fine
    You blow my mind
    Hey Nikki!
    Hey Nikki!"

    (I bet you sing that to her now every time you see her.)

  3. Those kittens- always some surprise!

  4. Wow, what a discovery :) Cassie Nicole is a great name, suits her well!

  5. When they are itty bitty kitties the difference between a dot and a dash is so much an educated guess...I'm amazed it doesn't happen more.

  6. I love this whole story! And the name change is absolutely perfect.

  7. Sneaky Kitten hiding her tiny bits! Laughed hard on this one. Welcome, Cassie the Sassy.

  8. Oh, my. Well, she's still cute as a button. Good job on the renaming!

  9. I've read so many of these oopses that I had my floofy boy rechecked right before surgery. (He was still a boy.)

  10. Yes, our family has certainly had its share of surprises when spay/neuter time came around! I always feel like the kitties are having a bit of a laugh at our confusion. So glad everything has worked out for little Miss Cassidy.

  11. When we adopted Gandalf we were supposed to get him right after his surgery at the Vet's. We were a little bit earlier than expected and we got to play with him before going under the knife. Except we were told he was a girl and when the vet came and inspected him he gave us the news it was a boy and that his testicles hadn't come down. We had to reschedule his surgery and my husband was thrilled! (Hubby didn't want to bring the kitten all drugged to our house).

  12. What a perfect name - Cassie Nicole Dinichi - and a great story! Somewhere over the rainbow, the original Cassie is purring, her wish having been carried out. Yay for Marianne and Ms. Dinichi's adopter for their grace and humor!

  13. This is the first time I've noticed that Cassie has a headband - how cute.

  14. Oops! These things do happen. I've worked as the surgical nurse on the attempted spaying of a tomcat--in our defense, the cat was Very Fluffy so his bits were hidden easily--and wasn't that an interesting day. ;p Mr. Lucky the Fluffy Feline was several months old at the time, so it wasn't a case of him being too young to tell. He truly was that Very Fluffy. The vet had a sense of humor about the whole thing and none of us techs found ourselves sutured to the ceiling of the surgery room. ;D



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