Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Final Family Portraits


The Dinichi's have been trickling out the door over the past few days and it won't be too much longer before they'll all be gone.

It seems we all fell pretty hard for this set, so I know we'll be missing them dearly.   We've found some stellar homes for them, so don't worry,  their futures are bright.  I've already gotten reports that the ones that have left our nest are doing really great.  No surprise there! They are all so social and well-adjusted, of course they transitioned easily!

Before we started saying your goodbyes, I  did get manage to wrangle everyone and get a couple of family portraits in.   Thank you for sitting still, kittens, and giving us all a chance to look at you big, healthy babies all together for one last time.

You four are amazing. I hope you know how much joy you brought us all during stay at the IBKC.  You will be missed by many!


(don't worry, his peeper is fine -- no damage done)











I wanted to say thanks to everyone who purchased a set of our Kitten Magazine postcards. They flew out the door -- we've never had a set sell out so fast!  I'm trying to decide if I'll do a second printing or not. I do have other cards in the queue, so I may wait until after I release those, and maybe reprint the Kitten Magazine cards for the holidays.  I'll keep you posted on that -- I haven't quite decided what I'm going to do yet.

I appreciate the support!  It does help off-set the expenses of fostering. As you can imagine, we go through a LOT of kitty litter around here!

: )


  1. What an adorable group of kitties they are! Mwahhh! Great shots, as always, but I particularly like the "handsy" poses in the first and eighth ones (if I counted that right).

  2. Oh My! These are fabulous pics! Such a beautiful family are the Dinichis! Some of these pics (like the paw on the shoulder one & the paw in the eye) are priceless! Love them!

  3. Final portraits! Sniff, sniff. They are so sweet: Cassie is just giving Russell his pre-adoption eye exam in that second photo.

    Please do reprint the magazine postcards. They would make great Christmas gifts and some of us (ahem) dawdled and didn't get a set yet.

  4. Wow - I'm so glad I jumped on the kitten magazine cards. They are darling - PERFECT for Christmas remembrances for cat-loving friends. I usually like to hold potential gifts in hand before selecting, but have to say that not doing that was no problem here: they are great quality as well as clever -- and delivery seemed like overnight (couldn't have been, but was lightning fast). Thanks so much!

    And like everyone else, I will miss this batch of kittens. But now happy that they all have good homes, am wondering who comes next ...

  5. Wow - what a beautiful kitten family. A very active bunch they were. Good luck, kitties, in your new homes!

    Rosemary K. & Toby Rose
    Mpls, MN

  6. Love how the girls keep Russell in his place, even poking him in the eye. Giggle.
    YES - please reprint because I too dawdled in ordering. Thanks for sharing all these kittens with us.

  7. Ahhhh, the Dinichi's have been great fun. Incredible personalities, loving and great opurrators during the FUNdraiser!

  8. OMC, that first picture... "MOVE Spud, you're in my light!" :D

  9. Such an adorable quartet! I will also miss them, but I can hardly wait to hear their adoption stories. I am oh-so-jealous of whoever brings Russell home!

  10. The first two are my favorite. Russell has such an expression in the first, and the paw in the face in the second absolutely cracks me up.

  11. The Dinichis are so packed with personality that you can see it shining through their pictures even when they're just sitting still. Happy trails, tinee tabbees; you were very much enjoyed.

  12. Oh, my.... those mittens on those kittens! Extraordinary!



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