Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Bottom of the Potato Pile


Several of you noticed yesterday that Spud seemed to be on the bottom of every Dinichi puddle and pile. I scrolled back through all of their photos to see if there is a history of this, and though it is not always the case, it is usually the case.

So why is this?

 Is he the biggest and can offer the most solid foundation? No,  Nicholas has a couple of ounces on him and he has the belly with the most sprawl.




The reason, I think: Russell always falls asleep first.  When the kittens are playing hard and running wild, one by one, they start winding down.  Most of the time, it is Russell who slows down and nods off first. As the others get tired, they pile on top of him.



I'll be watching them closely and seeing if they can further prove my theory.

Until then,  Here's a purring pile of one. Enjoy!

Oh, and please make note of  twitching paws and whiskers about 1/4 of the way into the video.  Adorable.


  1. Good golly, Russell is cute! All of the Dinichis are adorable, but I have a soft spot for orange tabbies. And I love how the zipper on Russell's cat suit is easily visible in the video.

  2. i would never get anything done with all of these adorable babies being cute all of the time. not sure how you do it!

  3. I can identify, as I, too, am usually the first to poop out :)

  4. Nothing better than watching a cat dream! Perhaps Russell expends more energy with those big mitts he runs on. Or maybe it is because he makes a comfy pillow. In any case - CUTES!

  5. I would lean on that pile of lusciousness every chance I got. Too sweetsweet! :-)

  6. Once he crashes his warm, cushie belly must be irresistible!

  7. What an adorable little napper he is. Such a cutie-patootie!

  8. Did anyone else notice that the two of them in the top photo form a heart? Tres adorbs!

  9. After viewing Spud's sweet slumber, I realized that I've owned five cats and NONE of them had belly spots. Obviously I'll have to rectify this oversight!



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