Friday, July 15, 2016

Well, That was Awesome!



Were you watching last night during the final hour of our match? It was the biggest nail-biter in the history of our fundraising, and honestly, I was completely SHOCKED that we managed to complete it.

Here's how it all played out:

At 6:00 PM, an hour before the match was to end, we were $1900 short of our goal. I have to say, it was feeling a little hopeless at this point -- that was an awful lot to bring in during just one hour.  The pace picked up, and the funds started rolling in,  but not quite steady enough.

At 6:30, we still had $1300 to go.

With five minutes left, we were still $649 shy, then in came a $100 donation, then a $500 donation, leaving us just $49 shy of our goal at 6:59 PM.

THE EXACT VERY SECOND the clock on my computer rolled to 7:00, my email "pinged" and there was a $50 donation that put us over the top!


But here's the really awesome part...

The person who rolled us over is a volunteer at the shelter.  She comes into the shelter every Sunday, the day it is closed,  for "Purr Time. During this time, she and other volunteers take the residents out of their cubbies and into the cat visitation rooms to give them time to stretch their legs, play, and get some good one-on-one attention with humans.  They also spend time with the cats in the community cat room, too.

No one knows the importance of these rooms more than this particular volunteer, so it was so incredibly special that she was the one to roll us over the top yesterday!

It was a very hard day, I know.  I am so thankful for your support and generosity. I appreciate that you rallied and responded to the big push at the end. Of course I appreciate every donation that came in earlier in the day, as well!  And our Awesome Anonymous Donor  --- I hope you know how grateful I am for you.  Together,  we  made something pretty special happen and our cats and kittens will benefit greatly!

I can't wait to see the improvements at the shelter, and look forward to sharing them with you once they are complete!!

We've got lots more to come today and over the weekend, too! During the FUNdraiser, I post ever day of the week!

I have SO MUCH TO SHARE with you, so please, stick close!!!  

Thank you so much, I love you guys.

OH, and I feel I should warn you --- this is the point in the FUNdraiser that I always start getting punchy, tired, giggly, and a little emotional.  My apologies in advance, should I lose my composure.  I do try to keep it together, but it is a struggle!!!



  1. You're allowed to get emotional :) kitties and kindness can do that to you! Happy Belated Anniversary Laurie.

  2. Just reading that made ME tired and emotional! yay for the IBKC community and for YOU!



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