Thursday, July 14, 2016

Tiny Dinah!


I'm happy to announce that our Tiny Tortie has a name!

Our friend Lynn, who gave the Hollis girls their surname last year, was the lucky winner on this auction, too.

And what did she pick for little Miss Dinichi?

 Dinah Alice Dinichi.

Lynn was always enchanted by the relationship that Alice, of Alice in Wonderland, had with her kitten, Dinah, so this was the inspiration behind her choice.

Cute choice, Lynn!!

Thank you so much for your generous bid!   And thanks for picking an adorable name well-suited for this adorable girl!


Still more to come today, so stay close, friends!

We're making progress, but still have $3875 left to raise to max out the match offered up by our Awesome Anonymous Donor. If we're able to meet it, we'll be able to fully fund the build-out of a second community cat room and two cat visitation rooms, too.  You can read more about these projects in the post HERE.

And to make a tax-deductible donation to help make these important projects a reality, please visit our Firstgiving page!

Thank you so much for the support. And thank you for being here.


  1. Perfect name for a perfect tiny Tortie!

  2. Absolutely perfect! Nice to meet you, Dinah.

  3. I'm 'Dinah' cuteness over here! Lovely names.

  4. Wonderful name for her! And I love how it goes flowingly with her last name - Nice going!

  5. Welcome Dinah (on the tatertot)! Can't wait to see what antics you get into.



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