Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Those Beautiful Spooners

The Spooners came to us when they were two months old and were in need of just a little fattening up. Though their stay with us was brief, we sure did enjoy them -- they were such gentle and lovely creatures!


Roxanne, their mama,  has always been great about keeping us updated on these beauties, so we've had a peek at their lives a few times over the years, which I certainly do appreciate!

 It's always nice to see what they're up to.

Here's what the Spooners are doing today:

The Spooners love our new house and I think they've even lost weight from all the running they do up and down the stairs! They even cuddle more than usual. We started giving Finny a summer lion cut to keep him cool and prevent his long fur from matting. I attached a before/after shot from last summer.

Thank you so much, Roxanne, for sharing your kittens with us again!  We appreciate your lovely photos of your lovely Spooners!  

PS When I went to the archives to find a baby pic to post, I ran across this video, and I thought I would share it again because, gosh, they were cute!

from Vimeo.


  1. Beautiful! Hard to tell where one ends and the other begins, just lots of lovely white floof.

  2. The real question is: is their fur as soft in real life? Looking great Spooners!

  3. They are SO AMAZING! What a floff.

  4. They're gorgeous. They look exactly like my best cat ever. I had to have him put down 11 years ago and it's never been the same since.

    Glad to see these two happy and healthy. Love the lion cut!

  5. Still beautiful as ever. They lost the dark markings on the top of their heads; wonder how hard it is to tell them apart now.

  6. Love the video! I don't know which one it is doing the head-poking, but the bonk-bonk, bonk-bonk sequence is just hilarious.

  7. All that Glorious Fluff !!!They are even more beautiful now.So glad to see how they are doing, really smiled at the lion cut, I have contemplated it with my dog. Had to play the video a few times it was so sweet and funny. Thanks for sharing !!!

  8. What lovely kitties they grew up to be.
    With or without the lion cut!

    I loved their calm cuddliness. I am glad they have kept that as 'adults'.

  9. Wow, they are so beautiful! How nice of their parents to keep you updated. And the video is so sweet too, glad you found it.

  10. What a pair of gorgeous fluff monsters! Such fabulousness! Many thanks to Roxanne for the update.

  11. I just realized tht they lost their grey dots on the top of their heads!

  12. Thank you for sharing the update and for re-sharing the video. That is one of my all time favorites.



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