Friday, July 22, 2016

The Other Side of the Door

I decided to spring the Denichi Family today and let them explore a little more territory. This made Wylla quite happy --- she's been so anxious to spend time with them and has been camped out by their door all week.

I carried them out all out in a bundle and placed them on the living room rug. They untangled themselves, then waddled off in four different directions.

Tegan made a move towards  Wylla, who was belly-up and waiting for her to get within a paw's reach.  As the little one got closer, Wylla stretched her arms out, trying to pull her in. Tegan got startled, puffed up, and stood on her tiptoes, making her tiny self as large as possible.

Wylla seemed crushed that Tegan misinterpreted her gestures -- she wanted to play, not scare her ---  and she rolled over and stood up.  There was more puffing from Tegan, Wylla moved close, gave her a sniff, then headed towards the kitten room  kitten food.  

After their brief outing, I trucked the kittens back into their room, and they are objecting loudly now.  

Once they've seen the other side of door,  it's hard for them to be happy in Kitten Land.





It's almost 11:00 AM, and we having good run this morning!  We met Mary's match shortly after we announced it, and now we're working to complete Cynthia's $5000 challenge! We're getting there, but still have $2600 left to bring in to complete it!

It's been an exciting morning as we've crept closer to that big $100,000 goal!


  1. Awww, poor little floofball. She'll come around soon enough, I'm sure.

  2. Oh I love that orange leg on Tegan!!!!

  3. You have to admit, from Tegan's viewpoint, Wylla is HUGE! Cracked up over how bristle brushed Tegan got herself! Hope Wylla did not eat all the kitten crunchies.

  4. Oh my- tiny Tegan is adorably impressive!

  5. Poor Wylla! She's just being a helper in the Butterbean Finishing least there's kitten food. :)

  6. Oh, Wylla! <3
    She's so sweet to lie on the floor so she doesn't seem threatening to those tiny ones. :)
    A shame her gesture was misinterpreted, though!

  7. How could anyone resist a reaching Wylla?

  8. These photos are gorgeous. I love Tegan's "marmalade" back leg.



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