Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Much Love for the Rug

I would prefer to just sit here, making biscuits on my favorite rug. Those siblings of mine can chase each other and romp about.  

I'm happy here. 


I LOVE this rug.


Actually, at times, he loves the rug a little TOO much. I had to start rolling it up and limit his access to it because he was spending way too much time nursing on it. It just seemed like he was developing an unhealthy attachment to it, so I had to try to break the bond. The others were doing the same, but not with the same level of intensity.  

He's getting much better now, and most of the time he just makes biscuits on it. For the most part, he's stopped, but this morning I did step on it to discover a soggy spot.  

They just got pulled off of Mama a little too young, and because of that, they're a very needy bunch.


There's so much going on today!

Tea with Bean auction ends at 1:00 PM (pacific time). The quilt and hat auction are running until Thursday afternoon.
The auction for Craig's watercolor will begin today!
In case you missed it yesterday, you can buy a print of Craig's lovely portrait of Butterbean.
Opal (the human) and her brother, Ellis, will be visiting us!
More posts! More fun!

AND we are raising money for the Barn Cats and Backyard Buddy program!  Thanks to our Awesome Anonymous Donor, there's a 5 squillion dollar match on the table.   And get this, when we meet the match, we will have raised over $700,000 for homeless cats and kittens!  More about the program HERE. And donations can be given HERE.


And thank you, as always, thank you.



  1. Will you be giving a tour of this year's IBKC Tel-a-thon Set before the fundraiser is over? I love seeing the tiny details of the set design! Thanks! Midori and kitties

  2. "... they're a very needy bunch."

    I'm sure you meant 'kneady' here. This is something Charlene and Wylla will happily remedy.

  3. Poor little thing! Loving a rug that matches his stripes but soggy carpets are not nice to step on...

  4. Just got my lovely custom calico salt in the mail today!!!

  5. He is an adorable boy, and I mean NO disrespect, but it looks like he spent too much time in the tanning bed with the little eye protectors. (Slightly reminiscent of someone in the news....)

  6. With feet like his, the biscuits he makes are extra large. If he decides not to play baseball, he could be a baker. ;)



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