Wednesday, July 20, 2016

More Barn Cats and Buddies!

We shared these two Barn Cat and Backyard Buddy stories last year, and they were such great examples of success, I wanted to share these with you again.

The photos below are from the yard of Brandy, a HS staff member,  who adopted some Backyard Buddies.  Here's the cats' entrance to the garage.

And here's the "safe place" inside the garage. 

She created "hobbit holes" too, so the cats have many hiding places in the yard. Soon, flowers will be planted to conceal them even more. 

Patty, who is in charge of the program, helped our friends Laura and Roger welcome three BackYard Buddies two years ago with great success.  Here is the cat sanctuary they created for their buddies Ranger, Silver and Tonto.

Here a couple of photos of the acclimated buddies enjoying their wonderful new life.

Laura speaks often of how much joy these three bring to their lives.

I'm so proud of the work the shelter is doing for this often-ignored population of cats. I hope you'll chose to support Barn Cats and Backyard Buddies by making a donation today.

As you probably know by now, because I've told you at least a squillion times today,  we've got a big match on the table right now and for every dollar we give, our Awesome Anonymous Donor will be giving a dollar too, until we reach her $5000 cap.

The match runs until 7:00 PM (Pacific Time), which means we've got only 3 hours left to meet it, and currently we've still got $3500 left to raise!

If you're in the position to give, please consider doing it soon! Time's ticking away!

Thank you so much!  We appreciate all of your support and patience through this!

MORE to come. Nope, we're not done today.


  1. These photos, this setup, is a little bit amazing.

    1. They are! I'd love to know more about making a shelter and a barn entrance like they have, I live in a rural setting too.

    2. I live 2 miles out of town and people are all dumping cats , not only does it get expensive ( spay n neutering and trying to trap , cat food and trying to feed without attracting skunks and racoon, but akso Wondering what othets do to keep them from using area's other than a cat box to poop n pee . Things start smelling we have used lye . Plus in feeding in 3'4 location s to el8 fights . Any suggestions ? Thank you 😻,

  2. Those bellies! I'm in love. They must be comfortable to be belly-up like that!

  3. Barn cats are awesome and earn their keep even if they don't become lap cats. We have had more than a few show up (they have all been fixed as soon as possible) and they really discourage the rodents from taking over. They coexist well with the horses too.



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