Friday, July 15, 2016

Live From the IBKC FUNdraising Headquarters: Under Pressure!

 I'm feeling a little bit of pressure here. I understand this is quite a big day -- all we raise today (and through the weekend) is supporting the Foster Program.   


That's kind of a heavy load for a fourteen-ounce kitten, isn't it?  


Should't I be focused on other things like "how to poop within the perimeters of a small box AND not step in it?"

And "how to eat without getting food my entire head?"  


I'm feeling overwhelmed and I think I might just hide back here. 


Maybe you nice people can donate online instead of making those phones ring?  

This kitten would appreciate it. 


Don't worry! We'll get him up to speed before the weekend is over!!

But for now, yes, let's donate HERE!

All the money we raise through Sunday supports the Foster Program at our Humane Society. We've got a match going too, so your dollars are doubled until we reach the $5000 cap!

Doubled dollars! Foster Program!  Great time to give!!!

Thank you! We'll be back in a bit with more, so don't touch that dial!


  1. Kittens have complicated lives! Lol!

  2. You're doing great! Just keep looking cute--exactly like that--and people will donate squillions and squillions to help fosters and seniors and ALL the kitties. You're a natural at this fundraising thing!

  3. That's okay, little tabby guy. Baby steps and all that. You just continue to look cute behind two ferns and we'll handle the rest.

  4. Wee one, you are doing just perfect! Trying is important and you are learning everything you need to know when you are all growed up!



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