Friday, July 22, 2016

Kitten Mission Accomplished!

OH MY GOODNESS!  We did it!!  Our last big match was met, I threw Cynthia's match money into the kitty, and we just rolled past the $100,000 mark!


It's funny, but this is my 8th FUNdraiser now, and I always know the end is coming and at some point we're going to roll past our goal, but I am never prepared for it.  It always hits me right in the gut and I cry the hardest, happiest tears you can ever imagine.  And then I call a bunch of my friends who are criers, and we cry more happy tears together.

Thanks for the good cries, dear ones.

Your generosity is inspiring. Your hearts are as big as they come. Your love for all the cats and kittens is vast.

I AM FAR FROM DONE THANKING YOU.  I just had to let you know that our kitten mission was accomplished!

Now, I've got to make some more calls, high-five some kittens, high-six some kittens, kiss my patient husband, hug Charlene and Wylla, and get some coffee. I HAVEN'T HAD ANY COFFEE YET TODAY!

NOW,  kick your feet up everyone and relax. You've been working hard. Maybe fall asleep on a deep, shag rug with a tiny magazine.


How does that sound, Tegan?  You earned a nap. WE ALL DID.

I'll be back soon.   Until then, just think about how special you are.  Meditate on the goodness of this group.  Feel all of this kindness.

Huge hugs all around!


  1. Bravo people and kitties!

  2. OMG! Way to go IBKC community! I'm one of those happy criers too Laurie! Have a great day at the walk tomorrow!

  3. Thank YOU Laurie, Craig, Charlene, Wylla, Dinichi kids (and all your fums), and St. Cynthia of the Kitties!

    Tina & The Kittyboyz

  4. Congratulations! Every year it's magical to see the great support for the kitties by so many all around the world. You created a special place, Laurie, from your heart,imagination, and creativity, and so many cats and kittens will benefit!

  5. Well done! Congrats to you Laurie and and Craig-as well as your entire "staff" of helpers! Those that you are helping can't thank you enough!!

  6. CONGRATULATIONS! Well done!

  7. Hooray!!!!

    Here's to happy outcomes for so many cats and kittens.

  8. Fantastic! I have to say, I had a teeny tiny hint of doubt when the FUNdraiser was only 12 days, but that was quickly pushed aside when match after match was met and the squillions kept coming in. All your hard work paid off again fabulously. Congratulations!

  9. Well done! (Slept in a bit but LG kept nudging me to wake up. I guess he figured there would be good FUNdraising news. That, or he was hungry.)

    Have fun today! Will look forward to seeing pics of the walk on a later date.



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