Monday, July 18, 2016

Here's Who You're Helping!

Kitty Winston came to the shelter as a stray, and being a wee little one, was setup with a foster home soon thereafter. Over the weekend, Winston’s foster mom noticed he was not putting weight on his rear leg, and when taken to the Humane Society, it was discovered that the poor dear had a broken femur. Thanks to the Special Needs Fund, The Little Kitten That Could received surgery to fix his leg. He remained sweet and playful through it all, and now boasts a manly scar! Soon after recovering, Winston — named after Churchill for his can-do spirit — was swooped up by a mom and son who can’t imagine life without the tenacious tabby.

A big thanks to Shelby from the Shelter for sharing Winston's story and these photos with us! It's always nice to see some faces of the kitties we're helping with our contributions to the Special Needs Fund!

If you would like to see this fund grow, please consider making a donation to it today! We've got a big match running today, so if you give now, it will be doubled by our Awesome Anonymous Donor! It runs until 7:00 PM tonight, but please don't delay! Our Monday is a little sluggish and we still have a long way to go!  

Thank you Awesome Anonymous Donor and this whole, wonderful IBKC Community! And a huge thanks to the good doctors at the HS who fixed this dear boy up!  Glad to know he's doing so well!!!


  1. Such a great story! And that's a wonderful name for a tenacious tabby.

    You might want to add a link to the FirstGiving page, as you did with other posts. That will make it easy peasy for people to donate to this fantastic program. I'm on my way to that page now...



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