Friday, July 8, 2016

Figuring It All Out


 It's amazing how quickly they change when they're such tiny things. Just looking back at the photos I took on their first day with us, only a few days ago, I can see that a transformation is happening.  Their ears have folded open more and are standing much taller today.  Their features seem a little sharper, too.

They were pretty clumsy on day one -- they couldn't walk the width of their cage without taking a spill. Climbing into their basket took great effort.  They're toddling about with a little more grace, but do topple on occasion and have their "bug on its back" moments. Their recovery time has improved drastically, and there's much less flailing before they stand again.

You can see their depth perception isn't too strong -- I've witnessed them miss many targets by several inches when attempting to pounce.  I don't want to bruise any tiny egos, but it's REALLY hard not to laugh at that!

The boys are the better eaters in the group, and the plumpest of the set. Our little torbie dove in yesterday and ate pretty well, but our tortie still needs to be fed by syringe.  I'm sure it won't be too much longer before she figures it out and joins them.

Though there were a couple of puddles outside the box at first, everyone has figured out the litter box. Our tabby boy has taken it upon himself to be the litter box monitor, and after his siblings do their business, he'll hop in and make sure everything is buried and the box is tidy.  He takes his job very seriously!

Their playtime is mostly about climbing and wrestling, but they starting to notice the toys in the cage and are playing with them a little bit.

It's nice having tinier kittens ---  the last few batches have been a little bigger. It's so much fun to watch them develop and figure it all out! It seems every single day they pass a new kitten milestone!








I had planned to kick off our auctions this morning, but given what's happened in our country in the past few days, I think we will pause that.

We'll just share some cute kitten pics, and keep this warm spot here for you.


  1. So exciting! These are the cutest little kittens, and I can't wait to here what they'll be named.

  2. Weebles wobble much like tiny kittens.
    Love how they pounce.

  3. Each one is purrfect! But we know Charlene will have a favorite. Maybe even four favorites! Yay!

  4. Miss Torbie's serious little face poking out from behind the scratcher just kills me.

  5. Gah, totally adorable! They do change so fast when they're this wee...

  6. I love that stage of kitten life. You are so fortunate to get to experience it multiple times. (Of course, I realize that being "fortunate" also means you have to do a lot of work!)

  7. Thank you, Laurie. I'm in the Dallas area and it's very hard to understand what is happening. On a happier note, how old are these darlings?

  8. I'm smitten with this litter! Maybe because they are so tiny.


  9. Pic #4 reminds me so much of Marla and Phoebe Dearborn!

  10. Sending love and prayers to all in the Dallas area from southern New Zealand.
    I come here for my kitty fix several times daily and know it helps calm all manner of hurting

  11. you always know exactly how to insert a bit of light even in the worst days. much love and adoration from Portland

  12. I admire how skillfully you describe the kittens and their experience (or, in this case, lack thereof). I feel like I'm there seeing them right along with you. Thank you for the bright spot, much appreciated!

  13. I second what the others are saying. I've been in a newsroom covering the violence for the past couple of days and I zip over to the IBKC between stories to de-stress. It's a lovely thing you're doing for the world, especially now.

  14. I'm in love .... again .... with a whole little bitty litter. Sweetness personified.



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