Monday, July 11, 2016

EEEEEEK! It's Getting Late!

Hi, Friends!

It's about 5:00 PM, and as it's stands, we're only halfway through our awesome $5000 match.  I know most of you are probably on your way home from work, or maybe just sitting down for supper, but if you have a second, could you help the kitties out?

I know this is a big challenge to meet right out of the gates, but with our schedule, we have to push  hard to reach the goal.  And when someone offers up a giant match like this, I want to make sure we can maximize it for the sake of the cats and kittens.

So if you have a little time, and a little scratch, now is the perfect moment to make your donation.

We need you!

Thank you!

Opurrators are standing by.


Opurrators are standing. Bye.

Please visit our Firstgiving page to make your tax-deductible donation.


  1. Walls to inspect and furry rugs to biscuit...who has time to answer the phone?

  2. I love your pledge drive set. The tiny kitty condo is the absolute best.



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