Monday, July 18, 2016

Bid On Our Beautiful Quilt!

Just wanted to let you know that the auction on the Rainbow Kitty Quilt just went live!  It runs for three days, and will end at 1:12 PM Pacific Time on Thursday, July 21st.

Please click HERE to visit the listing to learn more about the lovely quilt and place your bid!





Thank you again, Kate and Susan, for creating the beauty for us!  I know a lot of heart and time went into making this special quilt. It's a very generous gift.

We met Mary's $1000, even went over it a bit, and sweet Mary said that she would match the amount we went past, too!  So everyone who donated between 11:30 and 1:00, your donations are tripled!

We're still working away at out $5000 match and have around $3300 left to raise to complete it! As you probably have heard,  all we bring in today goes to the Special Needs fund for cats and kittens. It's a very important day to give -- we're be helping some very special felines out by growing this fund!

Please visit our Firstgiving page to make your tax-deductible donations.

Thank you Mary, Awesome Anonymous Donor, Kate, Susan, and EVERYONE!  So much love for the cats today!  xoxoxo

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Another auction (maybe even two!)
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A couple of typos because my eyes and brain are getting tired!

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