Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Bean Bursts In

Technically, it's been two weeks so quarantine is up, but because these guys are still so small, I'm keeping them in Kitten Land for a bit longer.

This morning, the kittens were romping, the door was cracked slightly, and Wylla was trying to paw at the kittens.  The kittens came closer, but not too close, to watch her wriggling paws.

With hopes of catching a quick picture of Wylla fishing, I got down on the floor and waited.

It was silent for a moment, then in burst Bean.





She could not wait a moment longer.  Russell was a wee bit startled at first, but recovered fast.

And get this, two weeks ago today, at 9:19 AM, I got the call from the Foster Room that our kittens had arrived.

And you know what the time stamp is on the photo I took of Bean bursting in is?  9:19 AM!!!  That's TWO WEEKS TO THE MINUTE!!   That is one finely tuned internal clock on that kitty.

 Isn't that just the craziest?  I mean I'm sure it's just a coincidence, but what a crazy one!!

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  1. That may be one of the top ten IBKC moments!

  2. I've always suspected that our cats wear tiny watches, that even adjust for daylight savings time. Jackthecat is always punctual.

    1. My cats' watches definitely do NOT automatically adjust for daylight savings. It takes at least a month in the fall after the time changes for me to get a full night's sleep!

    2. lol - mine doesn't adjust for it either.

  3. Wee Russell really is shaped like a potato! I wonder if Bean thinks he tastes starchy?

  4. I'm surprised Charlene didn't go straight to the kitten food!

  5. Charlene knows, little orange tabbies taste just like orange cream. It's one of the best flavors of summer!

  6. Beanie knows when quarantine is OVER because them babies need cleaning. As for her time telling skills, her buddies here in CT know when 5am is even if breakfast is served at 6am. Have not set my alarm clock in 12 years thanks to Reilly. Good job, Charlene!!!!

  7. Oh, Ms. Bean, I wouldn't be able to contain my excitement, either!!

  8. So cute! I suspect Bean has a kitten quarantine clock hidden away somewhere.

    Russell's round belly in that bottom picture is adorable.

  9. Bean knows if she's going to teach these wee ones everything they need to know about proper catting and control of humans, she'll need every moment she can get, so best introduce herself and start as soon as possible.

    Kittens crack me up with how quickly they can go from being OMGSCARYSTRANGERPUFFUPBIGNSCARY to Ohai! You r new. I sniffsniff you nao. Spuds' attempt at puffing up is adorably hilarious. The sparse fur sticking up does nothing to disguise how small he actually is. I respect the attempt, though, Spuds!

  10. One of the best ever first moments!!!
    Such precision dear Charlene!

  11. This is the sweetest introduction! Glad you had the camera ready.



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