Monday, July 18, 2016

An Update on Clement FROM Clement!

Live from the IBKC fundraiser

Hi Laurie,  

Here I am in one of my favorite places at my home.  I love to look out at the birds in the garden -- sometimes my people even let me out to play, with supervision of course! I'm very fond of what we call water play.  I jump up on the sink, after leading a person to it and asking to have it turned on.  I then stick my head under the stream, enjoying the feel of it running over my head and down my face.  I can stay there for a long time, but if a paw gets slightly wet, I'm out of there fast!  I'm lucky to have a fountain in the garden,too, where I love to hang out. I have a packing box and a paper bag to play in when I'm not sitting in a person's lap or sleeping on top of the couch.  

I have a good life.  Thank you, Laurie, for fostering me, my sister Beatrice (aka Bernice), and the rest of the Anderson-Erickson clan!  Thanks to Charlene for mentoring me!  

Love, Ignatius, aka Clement Anderson-Erickson

Thanks for the update, Iggy!  It does sound like you're living your life to the fullest! I'm happy to know you are doing so well!

I have such fond memories of you taking your shifts in the phone bank when you were a wee fellow.  Let us know if you're free -- we could use some volunteers with experience.

And speaking of FUNdraising:

We're closing in our last hour of our match, and we still have $1030 to complete it!  Rally time, folks! Let's not leave a single dime of this siting on the table!

You all know the drill, right? Click HERE to make your donation.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Let's meet this match and fatten the fund for Special Needs cats and kittens!


  1. What a distinguished grownup cat he is now!

  2. My favorite pic ever is the one of him hanging off the curtains ☺

  3. Hiya, Clement! You're a handsome fella.

  4. Welcome back, Iggy. Good to see you all grown up and NOT hanging on the curtains. Ant way to go with the human training on water play!



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