Sunday, July 17, 2016

A Zelda (Zoubisou) Update!


Those adorable Lamms were a favorite of many.  We all fell hard for that fuzzy little set.  Zelda Lamm, who now goes by Zoubie, was adopted by Lynn and Alex.  We see them every year at Dog-A-Thon because they always join us for the walk, and every single time they gush about their girl.  They love her so!

Here's an update from Lynn:

Here is the story on Zoubisou. She came to us when India Rose was 4 months old. Though she adored India, and though she patterned her behavior after India to the point of sitting or lying down exactly like India, Zoubi was hiding a very dominant personality. It is to her credit that if we tell her to let India play, she will wait her turn. But it is very, very, very hard and we really can see her struggling to control her instincts. When India is finished with a toy, Zoubi will go over, pick it up and push it under the closet door or sofa. Of course, neither of them can have it then, but Zoubi is just fine with it that way.  

Zoubisou loves us as much as we love her. She follows me everywhere. She is still very squiggly- it is hard to trim her claws. She isn’t really a lap cat- she will sleep with Alex though.  She is the alarm clock in the house. No one can do anything without her supervision- not even read the paper, bring in groceries or play cards (see picture).   

So, I’ve attached some pictures that show her in some of her finer moments. She and India still tear around the house- running after nothing but running nonetheless!   

We couldn’t have asked for a better cat. India loves her, too. We are really lucky they get along so well. I cannot imagine our home without her.  

Thanks so much for the Zoubie update, Lynn! I love how she just fit right into your lives so perfectly. Please give both kitties lots of love from us! We will see you soon at Dog-A-Thon!!


 In fundraising news, we sure have had a great day! Our match got met early, hooray!! Though we completed the match, the money that comes in tonight will still be put towards the Foster Program. Your dollars won't be doubled by a match, but they still help tremendously! So, if you want to support this fund, please do so by visiting HERE.

 We're getting close to the half way point, only $1400 away from $50,000!  It sure will feel good to be on the other side! A huge thanks to Cynthia for offering up our big match today! And a huge thanks to all who gave so generously to help us see it through.

Well done, friends. Well done!


  1. Hoping to see Lynn on Saturday for more Zoubie stories! And to walk for kitties!

  2. Zoubi is a lovely kitty! Her coloring is beautiful.

  3. Zoubie is gorgeous! Glad to see she's thriving in a home full of love and opportunities to boss human slaves around.

  4. Shes got a lovely sister/brother too :)

    What lovely calico colours India has!



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