Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A Few Sweet Senior Stories


Because all of my volunteering for the shelter is off-site, I don't get to witness the feel-good, happy endings and adoptions that happen there every day. I love these stories -- especially when they involve a Senior meeting a forever family.

Shelby was kind enough to share some great Senior news and adoption stories with us today:  

Through July 9, 2016, the Humane Society had 119 senior cat adoptions. These kitties are aged to purr-fection at 8 years and older, and oftentimes require a special adopter, one who has a particular heart for animals.

Nine-year-old Taffy, for one, lucked out in finding Dawn. The orange tabby’s eyes and face were marred with scars from a burn, and many walked right on past. Dawn’s work in special education, however, led her right to this gentle-cat. In Taffy she found an utter love bug, his head-butts and incessant purring indicating that he approved of the match.

Benny, 13, came to the shelter with the saddest eyes you ever did see. But when given even the slightest attention, his inner kitten shown through — all love and wild for head rubs. Moved by the older fellow’s potential, a couple with a quieter home opted for Benny and in turn changed a life.

And just before the new year, bonded pair Zorra (14) and Kirby (15) got their Christmas-time miracle. While at the shelter, Zorra was showing some signs of cancer, but there was no separating her from her healthier companion Kirby. Well a mother and daughter just ate up the dynamic duo and ended up opening their hearts and home to Zorra as a hospice foster in addition to the sweet Kirby.


Thank you so much for sharing these touching tales, Shelby. It warms my heart knowing each of these special kitties found such amazing, loving adopters.   And here come my happy tears for the day!

Senior Cat Day is off to an incredible start! We've chipping away at Cynthia's generous match, and if we keep up this pace, there's no doubt that will reach it.

Clearly, we all have a soft spot for these special cats. Thank you so much for choosing to support them. And a huge thanks to Cynthia for doing the same and providing us with this generous match!

If you would like to make a contribution to the Senior Cat Fund, please click HERE.

Thank you!  


  1. Wonderful stories indeed! So happy these seniors found their perfect matches.

  2. Darn it, these stories made me cry. Thank you.

  3. 8+ is senior? Five of my twelve cats are senior? They were kittens when we got them! I guess 2007 was longer ago than I thought.

    Always nice to see a Drewey pic, and what sweet stories these are.

  4. ok, now I'm tearing up, but it's good tears. To see these cats get a 2nd chance from these wonderful people makes me happy. And it's always nice to see "inner cranky" girl pics.


  5. My Mum adopted a "junior" senior at 3 years old. Jack has just had tripod surgery because of a cancer just this week, and I dread to imagine what the outcome would have been if he's still been stray or with a person who could not afford the vet bills.

  6. great stories and great people who are willing to adopt oldsters! thanks for making me cry!

  7. These are the sweetest stories. Senior pets are the best!



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