Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Bean Approved!



For many, many years Beth and Steve shared their lives with a tightly bonded pair of sibling cats, Fidel and Grace.   This special pair lived well into their late teens and brought much joy to their humans, but sadly both passed within the past couple of years.  

Like all of us who experience this kind of loss, though your heart feels empty, you need a little time to heal before your open it up again.

So, Beth and Steve waited, and when they felt ready, they began their search for a pair of kittens.


Mavis and Belinda had already been claimed when Beth and Steve came down for their "meet and greet".   They were very happy to know that Genevieve, the first Patmore that caught their eye, was still available. They had been admiring Thea's fabulous belly spots, so they were equality thrilled to know she was available, too.

We had a very nice visit that afternoon.  All the Patmores enjoyed meeting our guests and were happy to receive lots of love and attention from them.

Here's sweet Thea feeling safe in Steve's hands. 


A few minutes into our meeting, Charlene came into the living room to say hello. Normally, she keeps a safe distance from strangers, but much to my surprise, she jumped right up on the couch and joined the Patmores and their visitors!  And then she climbed onto Beth's lap where she sat for minutes.  THIS NEVER HAPPENS!

I knew they were good kitty people already, but Bean certainly confirmed this!!!!  Folks, getting the Butterbean Seal of Approval™ is something that never comes quickly -- it takes time, and the list of recipients is short!


So, yes. Genevieve and Theodora were adopted by these fine humans and are living the good life in Seattle.  Just like their sisters, they adjusted quickly and made themselves right at home.

Beth and Steve, we wish you all many good years to come with these dear girls.  I know they'll bring you many laughs, much joy and love!  Enjoy these special kittens!!!






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  1. What a beautiful story. And oh my gosh, that feeling-safe-in-hands picture just melts my heart. Congrats to the new family.

  2. OMG! Such sweet pics! So glad Charlene approved! <3

  3. It's always good to hear about happy adoptions!

  4. While I'm going to miss this group alot, I'm so happy they've all found wonderful homes. Both were lovely stories.


  5. Awesome new homes for each set of sisters but I too had a "thing" for Genevieve so I just know these two babies are going to have a lovely life!

  6. If Bean approves, I guess that means they're A-okay. Glad to hear Thea and Gen are doing well.

  7. Wow, my eyes leaked at this incredibly happy story. It has been a very hard week for a couple of my bestest friends.

  8. Thank you for such a wonderful story and for your hard work! So...any hints on when the next batch of kittens will arrive? :-)

  9. So glad that all the Patmores have found such great people!

  10. Lucky Patmores; Two sets of Adoptions, not Four!

  11. So very happy for the Patmores!!!

  12. Congrats to Beth and Steve for adopting two lovely kittens. And a major coup for getting the Good Kitten Keeping Seal of Approval from the Grande Dame, Charlene.
    That is something I have never heard of in all the years I have followed this blog. Perhaps Drewey is frolicking with Fidel and Grace and this is why The Bean Approves?



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