Thursday, June 9, 2016

A Henrietta and Evelyn Update!

Today I'm packing for my travels, and we'll start sharing some IBKC Alumni updates!   I've got some good ones, and I think you're all going to enjoy catching up with these kittens.

First off, we've got Henrietta and Evelyn Hollis.  

After all of these kittens, litters do start to blur together for me, but I will never forget these Hollis Girls and their crazy antics!  Remember THIS madness??

These two cuties landed a amazing home with a great gal named Evelyn.  Their adoption tale HERE, if would like to refresh your memory.

Henrietta is still Henrietta, but for obvious reasons Evelyn (the human) changed Evelyn's (the kitten) to Fluffy.  

Here's Evelyn/Fuffy as a wee one.


And here is little Henrietta.


Here they are today!

And here's what their mom had to say about her sweet babies:

Henrietta and Fluffy (aka Evelyn) have thrived this year. They have turned out to be on the small side compared to their housemate Leo - they run about 9 pounds and he about 15. They are a joy to have; they are playful and adventurous and keep Leo on his toes.

 One of their favorite pastimes is following him (chasing) around the house. The fact that he is at least 3 inches taller than they are doesn't seem to matter, they are sure they can catch him.

 A lot of time is spent on the back of the couch looking out the windows and their evenings are full chasing moths. The dreaded squirt bottle has been out as Fluffy is particularly bad about knocking things off the mantel and bookcases in her zeal to rid us of one more moth. Henrietta is also an avid hunter and much more careful than her sister. She is the one who makes sure all the food bowls are clean after every meal - her bowl, Fluffy's bowl, and Leo's bowl. She is not above pushing either of the others out of the way so she can make sure those bowls are tidy. She's been like that from the first and it was always funny to see this little, dainty kitten nosing in under Leo's chin to get to his food. Surprisingly, he never seemed to mind. That has led to him being fed in various places around the house, anywhere that Henny couldn't get to.

 Thank you again Laurie for bring these wonderful little girls into my life. The four of us are a very happy family.

 P.S. Fluffy is not really liking this hot weather. Her new favorite place is laying on her back in front of the fan. That photo makes her look very chubby but she and Henny are within 0.10 pounds of each other according to their vet. Fluffy is just very fluffy.

Thank you so much for taking the time to share this great update, Evelyn!  We're so happy to know everyone is doing great!!


  1. We have a Henrietta who we call "Hennie" too!!! Love the first installment of IBKC alum updates!!

  2. Oh my, they are precious! I will never forget the antics of the Hollis girls. Fluffy is the cutest name!

  3. Hahaha I love Fluffy's belly in the air! Heat trully is awful, right? Here in Brazil we are having a cold few days so the cats have been extra cuddly, but most of the time is belly up, don't touch me mom!

  4. So glad to see these two Crazy Girls again! Looks like Fluffy/Evelyn has some Maine Coon in her. If so, in two more years that coat will get HUGE. Like my two Maine Coons.

  5. how sweet! Thanks for sharing!


  6. I love that they are bossing their big brother Leo around! Sounds like the three of them love being together.

  7. Thank you for sharing these lovely photos of Henny (although I'll always think of her as Hankie) and Fluffy. They are beautiful and I'm glad they keep your Leo on his toes!

  8. Fluffy/Evelyn looks just like my Holly, who also likes going belly-up in the heat!

    Love seeing updates on itty bitties!

  9. It is wonderful when kitten siblings are adopted together, but even better when a Big Brother or Sister Cat welcomes their arrival and appreciates their contribution to general mayhem, chaos, and craziness.

  10. Lisa (mom of Chai, Sophie, and Acacia)June 9, 2016 at 2:37 PM

    In all these years of coming to IBKC I've never lost my heart to a kitten quite like I did with Henrietta. She was the kitten of my dreams. I still look at her sweet kitten pictures every single day. So I'm thrilled to see an update on her and I'm so happy she has such a beautiful life with a sister, a big orange brother and a loving momma!
    What a lovely young lady she's turned out to be!

  11. Love the picture of the three window watchers. Thank goodness I don't live in your neighborhood-I would end up parked at your window to see the floof.

  12. Fab update! Loved visiting their Busy, Crazy Girls video again!

  13. So cute! And I too have a food bowl cleaner!



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