Friday, May 20, 2016

Big Cat, Little Cat, Deep Thoughts

I've captured this very same moment before, but with different kittens: Bean, looking proud and sitting tall, with her soon-to-be-graduating student right in front of her. Though they're probably just thinking about birds, squirrels and maybe lunch,  it does feel like they might be doing a little reflecting and maybe contemplating larger life things.

Once of these days, I'll have to put a little photo essay together of all of these  proud Bean/student moments.

Today, we have Miss Genevieve, Professor Bean, and their very deep thoughts.








  1. Geni:SQUIRREL!
    Bean: No, pay attention, look regal.
    Geni: (sighs) okay...
    ...a few seconds pass
    Geni: BITTERFLY!
    Bean: (primly) It is a butterfly, my dear.
    Geni: (trying to be prim and proper as Mistress Bean) Yes, Butterfly, that is a BUTTERFLY.
    Bean: (quietly) Oye Vey.

  2. Stray Kitty would like to know if the big cats get lunch. She thinks she should get lunch, too.

  3. Deep thought on how to keep those gloves so white while chasing skerrils! Love that tiny skinny tail of Genevieve's.

  4. The Patmores are all beautiful tabby girls but I must admit, Genevieve has my heart! I am so glad they are going to their new homes in pairs. :)

  5. Many thanks for this delicious helping of sweetness, deep thoughts, and great depths of contentment!

  6. Professor Charlene and Genevieve are so very sweet! xoxoxo

  7. You are so right about Genevieve. She really is a thoughtful, old Soul.....

  8. Just beautiful. I would give anything to know what goes on in their heads...but it WOULD be fun to write a narrative story about it. You would be fabulous at doing that, Laurie.

  9. Such beautiful photos, Laurie! I am in love with that little Genevieve!

  10. just beautiful, how lovely.

  11. Awwwww...the Queen Charlene Butterbean presiding over the little Pattmore kitteh cat..If that doesn't make a person want to adopt an itty bitty kitteh cat I don't know what would..Kudos to you for all you do to make sure the itty bitty kitteh cats get to loving, caring homes! love and hugs to miss Queen and of course Princess Wylla Stout too!XX()()()XX

  12. Geni - Auntie Charlene, do you thing my tail will get to be as floofy as yours?

    Charlene: Dear Kitten, it will not. But it WILL get floofy enough to suit you. 'Tis more important to keep your paw mittens and boots sparkling white.



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