Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A Funny Little Phonecall


Bank Customer Service Rep: Thank you for calling the _____ Bank business line, this is Charlene, how can I help you today?"

Me: (Giggles) I'm sorry I laughed, you see I have a cat named "Charlene".

Charlene: A cat named Charlene? Now isn't that funny??!!

Me: Her full name is Charlene Butterbean.

Charlene: Is she fat?

Me: We don't tell her she is. We like to say she's "floofy".

Charlene: Well, I'm floofy too! And we both giggled for a good minute and then went on to talk about actual banking stuff.

After I got off the phone, I shared the story with Charlene Butterbean, who did not seem to see the humor in the situation. I'm still chuckling, though, and I bet the other Charlene is, too.


  1. you make someones day, every day!

  2. Love it. I'm sure that brief interaction helped to brighten the customer service reps day.

  3. I had a dog named Charlene. She passed in the 90s, about two months after her mom, Duchess. She had never lived without her mom, and I really think she died of a broken heart. Sweet, loving (if somewhat dense) doggie. Charlene's a good name!

  4. What a great thing to learn! TWO Charlenes who are floofy. But to soothe Miss Butterbean's feelings, there really only is ONE magnificent CB. But you made the customer service rep's day.

  5. Charlene the Human is so lucky to have had her day made! She will likely remember the call for quite a while.

    I am floofy as well...just not as elegant as Charlene Butterbean is!

  6. Perhaps customer service Charlene could get a job training new kittens for IBKC Dog-A-Thon fund raising.

  7. Don't you love that, when you share a 'moment', say a 'floofy Butterbean' moment, with a stranger, unexpectedly? I myself also called a bank service rep (the most boring call, right?) in Sweden, and we raved about New York for some 10 min! Which probably made her day (she was dying to go again), and mine too - it's great to be reminded every once in a while that it actually is pretty cool to live here (once the rent is paid).

  8. Wouldn't it be fun if she took Charlene's full name as her nickname. Butterbean is a cute nickname. :)



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