Tuesday, April 26, 2016

More Pats, Please!


 If you asked any of the Patmore Four if they would like a few more pats, the answer will always be yes. They LOVE love and are such an affectionate lot.

I don't know their history, but judging by how comfortable they've been with us from the start, they must have spent their early days with lots of human contact.



Overall, they seem pretty healthy.  They eat well, and everything thing that goes in seems to come out the other end like it should.  We do have some goopy eyes, which sometimes means there's an underlying upper respiratory issue, but we haven't seen any other symptoms besides an occasional sneeze.  Their medicine seems to be clearing up things up.

Sue and Jean came over for visit the other day and they both made fast friends with the Patmores. Within seconds of their arrival, the kittens were piled up in their laps, happily playing and purring, and eventually napping.



 These happy and healthy kittens are growing fast, and I fear their stay with us is going to be a short one!

We're just going to have to savor these precious few weeks with these very special girls.



  1. They are so adorable!

  2. How are Sue and Jean? Love how tumbly these girls are. Can not wait to see how Beanie and Wylla deal with these four!

  3. ...your litters are always precious but for some reason these girls are tugging ye olde heartstrings harder than usual. Such cuteness.

  4. Oh my, they are lovely loves.
    And that spotted belly is just too much!

  5. The third and fifth photos just put me right over the edge. The cuteness is huge with the Patmores!

  6. That tiny spotted belly just kills me! Purrrrr



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