Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentine's Day Visitors

We had some sweet visitors on Valentine's Day -- Opal the Human, brother Ellis, and Jennifer, their mom stopped by.   The kids had each stitched an adorable heart filled with catnip and wanted to bring them over for Charlene, Wylla, and the kittens.

The kittens were just waking from a nap when they all arrived, so the kids got some cuddles in first, and once they came to life, the kittens scooted across the floor and chased their new toys. We got out the feather wand next,  and all laughed hard at Monty who kept trying to take control of the toy. He  kept grabbing it, and growled and cried when anyone tried to remove it from his tightly clenched jaws.

Whenever Opal and Ellis vist, there are alway a few pleas to take a kitten (or three) home with them, and much discussion over which one it would be.

"I will take care of him.  Harold could just live on my bed," said Opal.

This was followed by a few rounds of "Can we have one, Mom?"

Then, "Can we have three?"

And Ellis chimed in with "I want Monty".

Opal later changed her mind and decided that Chesley should be the one to come live with her if mom would agree to it, and said she would call her Stormy Sparkles. Or was it Sparkly Storm? It was something like that.

Wylla and Charlene were upstairs and too busy with their morning naps to come down and say hello to our visitors. I shared their Valentine gifts with them later, and the girls seemed to really enjoy them.

Thank you Opal, Ellis, and Jennifer for making our Valentine's Day a sweet one!






  1. I promise to send money to Opal and Ellis the Humans to help support a new kitten, if they will promise to start a kitten blog with regular updates! All three Higgenbottoms are keepers.

  2. I love Opal the human and her brother Ellis, such loving hearts.
    It would be difficult to limit the choice of kittens from this trio...

    Whoever is chosen by the kits will be extremely lucky.

  3. Lisa (mom of Chai, Sophie and Acacia)February 15, 2016 at 1:38 PM

    How difficult it must be for Jennifer to have to say no to kittens each time they visit...I would have no such willpower and my house would quickly be filled with kittens and delighted children and exhausted parents. My heart goes out to you Jennifer and you have my sympathies!
    Though, when the time is right someday, I hope there will be kittens in your home! ;-)

  4. Opal is the cutest girl (a.k.a. best human); we have watched her grow up over the years! The way she broke her piggy bank for the kitten fund raisers... I think she deserves a kitten by now. ;) ;) <-- that's a wink, wink to her parents. NO DOUBT would she take care of it! (Unlike many kids who (think they) want a pet... Then the parents feed/walk/clean... For years. But not Opal, the awesome little girl!)

    Is it just me, or does Harold resemble Wylla a little bit in that first pic? That nosie?

  5. How fun! These two adorable children are a joy to watch grow up.



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