Wednesday, February 24, 2016

It's THAT Time Again!


I know you're not going to like what I'm about to say,  but dear friends, it's time for goodbyes.  I know, I know, it seems like they just got here, but our Higgenbottoms weren't so tiny when they arrived, so we've known all along their stay with us would be brief.

Two of them packed their tiny suitcases and have left already. The other will be gone before the week is out.

Any guesses on who departed together?  

As you know, I normally wait until all parties are out the door before I share the adoption tales,  so next week I'll let you know who went with who and to where!

I was just looking at their intake paperwork, and the boxes "friendly" and "scared" were both checked for each kitten. That's exactly what they were at first, but all became such loving, social and outgoing kittens. We sure have enjoyed spending this chapter with them.

We're going to miss you, little Higgenbottoms!

Especially moments like this:








  1. Ack! I'm not ready!!! safe travels and years of love for all of them!

  2. What - they've already been snipped 'n' everything?! I need shaved belly pics or it didn't happen!

  3. Wow, that did go by fast! I'm sure the Higgenbottoms will have great lives with their new families after such a fantastic start.

    I'm going to guess that Monty and Chesley went home together and that Bean hid Harold away so that no one could take him.

  4. I'm just hoping Chesley went home with a brother because she needs some help burning off all that extra kitten energy! Plus someone to tackle...

    1. Expect pictures of her tackling her new brother soon..

  5. Enjoy your new homes sweet little Higgenbottoms. I'm gonna guess someone took the 2 boys together.

  6. Oh, I fractured my right shoulder and this is the first day in 2 weeks I can type anything your little ones helping me heal..I guess each of your babydolls get to go to great homes because of your care and devotion, KUDOS to you and your hubs..Hugs to the Queen Charlene Butterbean and Miss Wylla Stout the Princess too..Your blog shows how itty bitty kitty's need and deserve loving homes! I will miss their antics but know their will others coming and you will help them to have a great life..CONGRATS TO YOU FOR ALL YOU DO AND KUDOS TOO, my should doesn't hurt at all..XXX & ()()()()() too!

  7. I think Chelsey went solo and the boys went together. But Berg may be right about Charlene hiding Harold. I would if I was on the West Coast! And yeah, shaved bellies were needed to prepare us for the departure of the Floofy Higgnebottems.

  8. *sign* I miss their gold medals. Best of luck to all of them! At least the one who is leaving last gets to enjoy the full attention of BB & WS for a few more days.

  9. So soon....sigh!!! But they will be a blessing to any new home they enter :)

  10. What a fast visit with the Higgenbottoms!

  11. I'm going to say Chesley went with Harold because they seem to always be napping on one another. But, like Berg said, it wouldn't surprise me if Charlene hid Harold away to keep for herself :)

  12. No no no!!! The time with these little darlings just *whooshed* by!! Whoever has gone, wherever they each end up, they'll take parts of our hearts with them.

  13. Kitten cuddle puddles are awesome. Here's hoping for plenty of updates on these cuties after they've settled into their new homes. :-)

  14. Such a sweet nap pile of Higgenbottoms. I always hate to see the kittens go, but I'm also happy to know they will be loved. And before long there will be more kitten goodness to see.

  15. These are the cutest images! Amazing how kitties can sleep so comfortably in these positions.



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