Friday, February 26, 2016

Ear Today, Gone Tomorrow!


DisappEAR Lashes!

Remember those sweet little "ear lashes" Miss Chesley was sporting when she came to us?   For the first couple of weeks they seemed to be getting longer, fuller, brighter and whiter, but then all of a sudden they began to fade.  Now, there's only a whisper of her once white wispy ear whiskers!

So you can compare, here's a before and after shot:



She's still just adorable, of course, but I am a little sad to see they seem to be going away.

One lovely new development is the tiny white heart taking shape on her nose! Look close, can you see it?

What a perfectly smoochable spot that is!


  1. She still has a lovely white cravat, a la Ruth Bader Ginsberg! Git it, RBG!

  2. She's just too cute! Her fur looks velvety soft in that after shot...

  3. I hadn't noticed my gray tabby's white earlashes until seeing Chesley's. They're short, but white, like hers were.

  4. Miss Chesley is a gorgeous baby girl!!

  5. Baby fuzz, absolutely adorable while it lasted!

  6. Thank you! I needed these pictures yesterday at work. I got handed a very upset customer who was already on the phone for two hours with our customer service department. I had to hear her complain for the better part of an hour. About the only thing that kept me from either lashing out or breaking down were these pictures of Miss Chesley. Who can get mad while looking at her? Thanks!

  7. Aww, I love that pretty Chesley! And the title to this post is just PURRFECT!



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