Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A Little Story About Monty Higgenbottom

Monty Higgenbottom was the first to purr, but I think it was just an accident. It happened on the first afternoon they were here.

He was curled up in ball and sleeping soundly in a puddle with his brother and sister, and when I reached inside the kitty cage and gave him a few little pets, he began purring softly. He opened his eyes, flinched, and gave me a look that said "HEY LADY, I DON"T KNOW YOU!"

He held that look for a good five seconds, then tucked his nose back into the puddle. The one eye that was visible stayed open for a moment.

"Hey lady, I'm watching you."

There were two, maybe three blinks, and he was asleep again.  That was it for the purrs for a whole week.

He got to know us a little better and became a little more comfortable when we were around, and finally he decided to start purring again.

And now he won't stop.

He just likes to sit and purr.

And though you can't hear it, that's exactly what he's doing in these photos.








  1. What a darling boy! My Harley is a nonstop purrer, too. If she's awake, she's purring. It's so nice!

  2. Adorable!!! My foster kittens also refer to me as "hey lady"

  3. Between purring and the teeny-tiny meows I don't know how I'd do anything other than sunggle this little guy! I'm so glad they're settling in so nicely.

  4. A constant kitten motor is such a lovely sound! Lucky you, Laurie!

  5. Poor things, it must be scary to be so tiny!

  6. My first kitten was a constant purrer until we introduced him to his sister. It was so strange we mentioned it at the vet when our girl got her stitches out. We thought we'd broken him. But he soon learned it wasn't all bad and now purrs whenever we pat him.

  7. had a manx like that. Even at the vet's office, Peter Manx sounded like he was at the starting line at Daytona. They were trying to get his heartbeat, and even turning on the faucet and holding him next to it could not turn him off.

  8. He looks like Norman Ashby from the side. Oh, how adorable. Simply adorable.

  9. I'm sure he was mortified he expressed pleasure at the touch of a stranger. One of the most sacred rules of catting is that humans must grovel before them and earn their good regard before being graced with something so wonderful and precious as a purr. My big white guy, Sam, shared that with me once (Sam might have been motivated to share by a rattle or two of the treats bag). Kittens have the best purr motors.

  10. I love the surnames you come up with. Higgenbottom indeed...

  11. What a handsome wee boy with a manly chest :)



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