Tuesday, January 5, 2016

What a Day! What a Day!


 Thank you so much for making yesterday a special one for dear Wylla.  We appreciate all of the love and well wishes you sent her way.  I read every single one of your sweet comments to her and she sends many purrs back to you!

I spent most of the day in the guest room working on the birthday blog posts and both girls stayed close and did all of their napping at the foot of the bed.  They usually don't spend their whole day together like this -- they tend to float around the house and nap, each has her favorite spot, and it's rare that they spend so many hours in the same space.  They were so cuddly, chummy and happy -- it was a great day.

The "together time" continued well into the evening, too.  When we stepped out to see a movie around 7:00, they were snuggling on the bed and hen we returned hours later, they both came out of the bedroom as we walked into the house. Judging by their rumpled and dazed appearance, I suspect they had been in there sleeping whole time we were gone. Before there were any head-butts or hellos, there were stretches, splayed toes and big yawns.  These were kitties waking from deep sleep, not light cat naps.

After our greeting, they had some leftover cake, we headed upstairs, broke out the feather wand, and had a play session before we called it a night.

I think both cat would agree that it was a very good day. Thank you so much for being a part of it!

Oh, and do mark your calendars! Bean will be celebrating her 10th birthday on March 15th!!










  1. Oh, Bean, a "milestone" birthday! Beware the Ides of March! LOL (This from someone whose next birthday is a milestone 6x yours!!)

  2. That little pink tongue: ADORBS!

  3. Glad to know the girls partied hearty enough to sleep! Got March 15th marked on the calendar and going to get new party hats for Bean's party.

  4. Check out all that floofy Wylla belly! Very tempting to want to pet. Queen Bean, how did you manage a whole day with your sister?

  5. Two happy, contented, adored sisters -- I love seeing them each day. Thanks for sharing them, and a belated Happy Birthday to Wylla.

  6. So glad the girls enjoyed their evening after such an amazing celebration of Miss Wylla...(the former Wee one)!

  7. Such Beautiful Purry Girls! You are all so fortunate to have eachother. Wylla is such a big girl now. So glad she had a wonderful birthday and that she's a healthy eater now! Give her extra kisses from me...♥

  8. I didnt read these posts until after work, but they really are a bright spot on the net. Happy birthday Wylla, may all the peace and joy you bring us anonymous internet denizens be reciprocated back to you 1000 fold.

  9. Happy Birthday, Wylla! Celebrate all week! Heck, celebrate til Bean's b-day!!!
    You deserve it for all of the smiles you bring me!

    Patti in KY



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