Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Chesley's Ear Lashes

When we first met Chesley Higgenbottom, we noticed some subtle, white tufts at the top of her temples at the base of her little ears.  

In the week she's been with us, these tufts have whitened and grown significantly.  

Here she is on her first day with us. 


Oh, and do make note of the adorable "zipper" on her kitten suit pictured below. 


Here she is today, sporting her "ear lashes".  At first, I thought they were "ear brows",  but now that they're getting longer and starting to curl at the tips, we're calling them ear lashes. 




It will be interesting to see how these ear-lashes develop! I'm curious to see if they'll keep growing!!

Have any of you ever seen such a thing?


  1. Ear lashes, oh my! I have a soft spot for grey kitties....if only I lived closer!

  2. Ear Lashes! Now that is a new term for me. We have "butt skirts" in our house. When a Maine Coon cat sits, the floofy pantaloons become a delightful skirt. Looking forward to seeing how long Chelsey's Ear Lashes get!

    1. Two of our uber floofy cats have that, thank you for providing a term--I love it!

  3. What cool markings! Can't wait to see how they develop.

  4. Chesley is adorable, and the term "ear lashes" is new to me, too. It's very a propos.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who imagines kittens as people in little zipped up cat suits! I'm still trying to find the zipper on our nine month old kitten's suit...

  5. Miss Chesley's ear lashes are unusual, at first I thought the lightness was just thinner fur in front of her lovely earses.

    So many unique features have come through the Butterbean Academy...sigh.

  6. Must be a natural Halloween kitty. Check it out: Zippered cat costume and grow-your-own Bride of Frankenstein highlights. Who knows? There might be another kitten under there.

  7. Amazing. They're a kind of faded version of Groucho Marx eyebrows. Super cute!

  8. My calico has similar tufts, but not nearly as noticeable. I wonder, part maine coon or norwegian?

  9. I've never seen little ear brows...they are so kissably adorable! I hope her family keep in touch when she is a graduate.

  10. EAR LASHES!!! She is just too adorable!

  11. Little Chelsey is the cutest!

    I have seen "ear lashes" on one of our foster kittens, but unfortunately they dissapeared once he became an adult.

  12. Adorable to 10 power. Gail



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