Thursday, December 24, 2015

Wishing You the Best

It's a blustery one this morning, and both girls are parked in the window watching trees bend and strands of holiday lights sway in the wind.   It's interesting out there today.

They both opened their Christmas presents early and were delighted to discover a new catnip banana for each. There's nothing better than a fresh catnip banana.  

They were served their favorite flavor, breakfast dishes were licked clean and bellies are full. 

The furnace was turned up a couple of extra degrees today, so it's extra toasty and warm. 

Life is good for Wylla and Charlene.   

We hope it's good for you, too. We hope you're feeling warm, secure, healthy, happy, peaceful, connected, and loved.  We wish the same for all the people and critters in your life, too. If your life feels anything less than that right now, we hope you have the strength, support and means to make it better soon. We want the best for you.  

Whatever holiday you celebrate, we hope it's a great one. 
Thank you for being a part of our world -- you being in it makes it better!

Much love to everyone, 
Laurie, Craig, Charlene and Wylla. 



  1. Wishing you, Craig, Bean and Wylla a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year! Thank you for sharing your lives with us!!

  2. Merry Christmas, Laurie, Craig, Charlene and Wylla!

  3. Merry Christmas Laurie, Craig, Charlene and Wylla!

    Your blog makes my day, every day. thank you!


  4. Merry Christmas & Happy 2016!
    All the best for the year holiday and the year ahead. Looking forward to many more adventures of the IBKC!

  5. Good wishes right back at you. Gail

  6. Thank you for making my life that much happier.

  7. What a lovely post by our host. Also sending good wishes back to you and your faithful readers.

  8. Lisa (mom of Chai, Sophie and Acacia)December 24, 2015 at 2:25 PM

    Merry Christmas Laurie, Craig, Charlene, and Wylla!
    And Happy Holidays to the whole IBKC family!

  9. May the peace and joy of this Holiday Season be with you always! Love and purrs to you all!

  10. Merry Christmas and may 2016 be a year of less homeless kittens but many happy memories.

  11. Merry Christmas and love to you and all your family! I am so grateful for the loving friendships that you have brought through this wonderful blog!



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