Thursday, December 3, 2015

So Long Lucille, It's Been a Ball!


 Magdalena and Greg were looking for a kitten. They recently said goodbye to Greg's cat of sixteen years, who passed suddenly of heart failure, and they, especially their dog, were missing having a cat in their life. My pal Mackenzie pointed them in our direction, and I got a message from Greg expressing an interest in Lucille.

We hadn't started our meet and greets yet, and there were a couple of people in line ahead of him, so I told him I would love for them to meet the kittens, but couldn't guarantee she would be available.

As it turned out, Lucille wasn't picked by the first two in line, so she WAS available for Magdalena and Greg! SEE! It always works out!!

But wait, it gets better!

Magdalena and Greg are friends with Monica, who adopted Ellie, and only live a few blocks away. They have visits planned for the kitty sisters!!!!!!!

You got a great little kitten, Magdalena and Greg! But I know you already know that. We wish you all a long and happy life together.  You're awfully nice folks, and I know you love your critters deeply. Lucille is so lucky to land in your home!  Do send us photos, please. I know we're all curious to see how floofy she gets as she grows!








  1. Lucille of the Serious Floofage - glad to know you have a good home. And we really, really, really need adult photos of your greyness and pink tongue!

  2. Magdalena, Monica, and Mackenzie - will Lucille end up with a new "M" name too?

  3. How great is it that Lucille and Ellie will have play dates?!!! Have a happy life, Lucille!



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