Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Goodbye Ellie, We're Gonna Miss That Belly!


Though she was a daring, social and outgoing girl around us, when we had visitors, Ellie would dash under the couch and hide. This behavior made it difficult for our potential adopters to meet her and see who she really was.

The other kittens found their homes, and when I started spreading the word that dear Ellie needed to find her people, we got a note from a gal named Monica, who expressed a very strong interest in the dear girl.

I was afraid that when Monica visited, Ellie might do the same disappearing act, so well before the meet and greet, I tucked all the kittens into their room for a nap. Monica arrived with a friend and I asked them to sit and wait for a moment before I went and got Ellie. Once everyone was settled, I went into the kitten room, scooped up Ellie, brought her into the living room and gently handed her over to Monica. The other Plunketts followed, and seemed to know they didn't need to impress anyone, and played on their own and went about their kitten business.

Ellie was was sleepy and sweet, purred up a storm, completely comfortable and at ease with Monica, and spent most of the 30 minute visit in Monica's lap.



Monica was charmed, and it was decided that dear Ellie would be joining her family.

Ellie now has a older kitty brother to keep her company, and a kitty-loving Boston Terrier, too. We're so happy she found her little family!





We will miss you, Ellie the Belly!  Thank you for spending time in our home and sharing your sweetness with us.


  1. Wee Miss Ellie, sounds like you are on your way to a lovely life with a fab family.

  2. what a new and fun life she will have!

  3. So sweet indeed!! Ellie will be the princess of her family!

  4. She sounds like my Bessie, who is quite affectionate, as long as she's alone with me!

  5. Such a sweet, darling girl. Lucky Monica!

  6. She is just GLORIOUSLY beautiful !



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