Thursday, December 10, 2015

Charlene's Short List

Charlene is a sweet and affectionate cat with us, but it takes her a long time to warm up to strangers. She is very present when we have folks over, and always makes an appearance,  but she would really prefer it if strangers didn't walk right over and start petting her from the start.  She needs time to get to know you.

Because of this, there's a very short list of people who have actually held Charlene

On this list, of course, is Craig. And me. We're always picking her up for a little cuddling.


There's Sarah, our dear friend, cat sitter, and Charlene's foster mom.


And Santa Claus


Our friend John just joined the short list at Thanksgiving.


Our Thanksgiving Day guests had gathered and Bean came to downstairs to survey the situation.  Much to Charlene's surprise, John scooped her up right up to give her some love.  John is a gentle human who has a real knack with cats, and Charlene was totally comfortable being held in his arms.  She did not object at all.

John was surprised when we told him that not just ANYONE can pick up Charlene, and, I think,  a little proud to have made her very short list.

Fortunately cameras were close so this moments occasion could be documented!

John may look familiar to you all because he and his wife Monika adopted little Jimmy Tipton.  Jimmy's adoption tale is a happy one, and if you need a little lift, please give it a read. 


  1. awwww - the cats always know the right people :)

  2. I love that Santa made her short list!

  3. He looks proud, too. That's so sweet.

  4. I know this is a little off topic but the line "strangers didn't walk right over and start petting her from the start" is true for most cats. When my parents adopted a pair of kittens my brother would walk over to them and start petting them right away. But I sat down and let my hand dangle so they could come to me and sniff at their own pace. It's no wonder just two years later their cats now run to see me, tails held high, when I visit and avoid my brother when he came by last summer.

    I also notice Charlene has the same attitude when it comes to kittens, she doesn't go to them - they come to her. I think it's a good policy.

  5. Looks like lots of happy and love from both critters.

  6. LG also has a short list. There's me, and his dad. He does let our cat sitter pet him, though. He's a shy guy.

  7. My hubs lets the kitteh cats smell his hand and they jump right up for him, they adore him, gentle, quiet and loving he is to all animals. I think Charlene is a wonderful and beauteous darling kitteh cat...Most cats don't like people to pick them up and let the people know it, I have many scratches to attest to it, I have learned to just let them smell me and get to know me by my scent, they are very fussy kitteh cats..I adore your column, happy Hanukkah and merriest of Christmases, enjoy your queen Charlene butterbean and your Princess Wylla, they are such lovely kitteh cats! ciaoX()



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