Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Cats and Christmas Trees


 Once the Plunetts were gone and Thanksgiving was over, the tree went up. I know it's not the case with all cats and Christmas trees, but Wylla and Charlene really are curious about it, but don't really mess with it at all.  They give it a sniff as they pass by, and Wylla naps beneath every now and again, but they're never tempted by the many shiny things hanging from its branches.  Though they are very good, I still play it safe and everything on the tree is firmly attached and I've installed an "alarm system" of tiny little bells on the lowest branches, so if there's trouble in the tree, I'll be alerted.

They do love it when I water the tree. That's really fun and interesting. Each morning I fill up a tumbler for the tree and put it on the floor first for the girls to lap from (or stick their paws in).  They both take their turns, and once they're done, what's left in the glass gets dumped into the tree stand.

So what about kittens?  Well, we're on the wait list. I requested a small set, but now that it's the off-season, you never know how long it will take, so we will just wait and see what happens.

Until then, we'll just spend some quality time with these lovely girls.




  1. Wish my Maine Coons would leave the tree alone. It is tied off at the top to book cases, the lower third is un-breakable ornaments, the tree stand is tall to prevent lapping of the water. But mine would NEVER allow me to put scarves on them!
    So we will enjoy the Floof Sisters until kittens arrive.

  2. I know that look of resignation on Bean and Wylla well. It's the one cats give when they wish to say: "Are you done yet?"

  3. Wylla is very cute, drinking from the tumbler.

  4. I guess it's a good thing there aren't any litters of kittens in the pipe -- it means the shelter isn't overflowing with 'em!

  5. Wylla dips her paw in the water and licks it off just like my two kitties do! My boy kitty also likes to drink from the glass.

  6. I felt all warm and glow-y just from watching that video. If you look up "pretty" in the dictionary, etc...

  7. I might try your "bells on the lower branches" trick. I keep about the lower quarter bare (although there are lights there - my tree if fake and pre-lit), then there's a tier of unbreakables. The bells are pretty as well as being a warning - and maybe Allie wouldn't like the sound! Harley just lays under the tree, but Allie is pretty interested!



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