Monday, November 2, 2015

Frightful Weather and Friendly Kittens


 Oh, the weather outside was frightful, and possibly the wettest, windiest Halloween I've ever witnessed here in Tacoma.

Opal and Ellis stopped by early in the day for a treat -- to spend some time with our little Plunketts

Because we're still in the quarantine phase, the kittens really haven't had a lot of visitors, especially not little ones, so I wasn't sure how they would react to our guests. I thought maybe they would scamper away when we all entered their room, but they were all curious and said hello.

Opal and Ellis are such experienced kitten handlers, and the kittens felt comfortable in their hands.

Ernest was especially happy to be held in the arms of Ellis, who was dressed in a furry werwolf costume.






Our trick-or-treater count was low this year, I think the weather kept kids off of the street, it was a quiet night and we have a LOT of leftover candy.

Wylla enjoyed what activity we had outside, and though it was quiet, it was more exciting than the average evening,  so she perched in the window and watched.



  1. This is so cute! I love hairy-Ellis and furry-Ernest together. And Opal was an amazing Hermione (I suppose?). She looks so grown-up! Also, regarding all that leftover candy, you are more than welcome to send those over to Rio de Janeiro if you will... ;)

  2. Ernest looks very happy.

    It was raining most of Halloween where I am too. I spent most of the weekend carless. I took it in for a tune up and when they were done, it wouldn't start. Turned out the mechanics wired something in backwards!

  3. Wylla is a perfect Halloween/fall cat. The final picture of her is gorgeous. Ernest and Lucille's cuteness with Opal and Ellis just kills me.

  4. I do love visits from Opal the Human and her brother Ellis (cutest fierce werewolf EVER!).

  5. What sweet pictures of the kids holding the kittens, they are so good with them! The last picture of Wylla is wonderful with the soft lighting and her reflection in the window.

  6. A visit from Opal the Human and brother Ellis is always a good time for kitties and humans a like!

  7. Was Wylla waiting for the Great Pumpkin? Such a beauty!

  8. Kids and kittens are precious!



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