Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A Boy and His Ball and His Bean


 His sisters all left first, so we've had a couple of days alone with dear Ernest Plunkett.  Charlene and Wylla love the litters, but they always really enjoy just having one kitten to focus their attention on, and the last kitten to leave always gets some extra, special loving and playtime with the big girls.

Ernest loved them just as much as they loved him, and it was so much fun watching the three of them interact. They became tight, and most moments of the day,  Ernest could be found with in paw's reach of Bean or Wylla.

As you know, Ernest has a bit of a fascination obsession with pompon balls. He chases them all over the house, drops them in food and water dishes, and when he's settling down, he nurses and kneads on them.  

The clip below shows a very nurse-y and knead-y Ernest with his ball. Bean is tolerant of his behavior at first, but there comes a point when she starts to think he's just a little weirdo.


  1. I'd bet Ernest will love stuffed fuzzy toys ;-)

  2. Ernest, it's a good thing you have such big, sharp claws, or the other critters might not believe you when you tell them what a fierce jungle cat you are.... *whistles*....

    1. He'd better hide that purr of his, or no one will ever take him seriously as a Fierce Jungle Cat. ;D

  3. I watched this video, and thought the whole time, that Charlene should be grateful he was suckling the puff ball instead of trying to nurse off of her. But then, right at the end..... He is the cutest OCD kitty I have ever seen! :-)

  4. Ernest is not a weirdo - he is a Little Bear looking to snuggle. Good thing he has that pompom given how sharp his bear claws are! Wise of Beanie to sit off to the side.

  5. Oh Bean, it was the kitten slurps that were a bit disturbing. Ernest is going to be a big boy, look at the size of those mitts.

  6. Ernest is so cute! His forever family must be stocking on pompom balls for the winter.

  7. Wow, that is one serious obsession with the pompom ball. And that brief moment with Charlene...oooph!

  8. Ernest is going to be a big kitty someday, from the look of those paws.



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