Friday, September 4, 2015

Two Cute Dudes

It's been a fun couple of days! The Mittenflosses are running wild in the house, and we've been having a great time seeing more of them and getting to know them a little better.

Both are adventurous kittens who enjoy getting onto and into anything.  They're still figuring out how to navigate our slippery wood floors.  At first they approached them full speed, but after many wipeouts, they figured out that prancing is better.  

They love Wylla, but they fear her, too.  They want the bath, but not the body slam that often comes first. They are intrigued by Charlene, but intimidated by her. Her shadow alone will send them under the couch, but they immediately peek out to watch her walk by.

They are always happy to be scooped up and loved no matter what kitten game they're in the middle of playing. Purring comes easy to both.  Bart loves showing his robust belly. Fielding is the more modest of the pair.

We are used to larger numbers and it's rare that we have just a pair of kittens. The nice thing about having just two is that you do get to know them better because your attention isn't divided between so many kittens.  I do think this might make saying goodbye to them a little harder than the average batch, but we will worry about that when the time comes -- we've still got a couple of weeks left to enjoy these cuties!

And speaking of cuties....

Egads!! These dudes are cute!!!!    













  1. With cuteness as intense as this, it's a good thing they like being picked up and loved on, 'cause it has to be very hard to resist scooping them up. Bart's cute is really showing through full strength in these photos. So! Irresistable!

  2. Bart, Bart, Bart - how I wish you were on the East Coast....
    Looks like some awesome cards might be coming out of these two! Love the baby fangs of Fielding!

  3. You won't have to say goodbye! You can come to Seattle anytime and hang out with us <3! - Sara

  4. oof, they ARE adorable!!!


  5. I want to see this Wylla body slam! Sounds adorable. I love this brood!

  6. Fielding isn't too modest about showing off his impressive tongue :) I love Bart's beguiling upside down looks. He still seems smaller than Fielding unless that's the camera angle.

  7. ADORABLE. So with all the skidding and prancing they're getting some mileage on those shiny new toesies.

  8. These two are about as cute as can be. I am so happy they are going to a home together - I only wish it was mine!

  9. Sooo precious!!! They're too cute!!-I want both of them....



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